Sand Clear Natural Psyllium Fiber Crumbles

by Farnam

Sand Clear is a highly pure psyllium seed husk in an easy to feed crumbles. An apple and molasses flavor makes it very palatable and well accepted. Absorbs water in the intestines to form a gel-like substance to remove sand from the intestines, to help prevent costly sand colic. For 1,000 lb. horse feed 1 - 5 oz. scoop daily for 1 week out of every month.

Item: 20450 ** Size: 3 lb (10 days) $17.95 Shipping: 4 lbs
Item: 20448 Size: 10 lb (32 days) $47.39 $42.66 Shipping: 12 lbs
Item: 20449 Size: 20 lb (64 days) $83.95 $75.56 Shipping: 22 lbs
Item: 31192 Size: 50 lb (160 days) $194.95 $175.46 Shipping: 52 lbs
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