Dectomax Pour-On

by Zoetis Animal Health

(Doramectin) For treatment and control of internal and external parasites in one convenient application. Effective against roundworms, lungworms, grubs, lice and mange mites. Apply at 1 ml for each 22 lbs. of body weight. Apply topically along the mid-line of the back from the withers to the tailhead. Dispenser included with 250 ml and 1000 ml sizes.

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Item: 22527 Size: 250 ml $39.79
Item: 22528 Size: 1 Liter $105.95 Shipping: FREE
Item: 22529 Size: 2.5 Liter $226.49 Shipping: FREE
Item: 22530 Size: 5 Liter $297.95 Shipping: FREE


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