Biotin II 22X Super Concentrate

by Med-Vet Pharmaceuticals

Healthy hooves are a prerequisite to having a sound horse and a successful career in the show pen! Studies have indicated that 15 mg. or greater of biotin on a daily basis has been found to be beneficial to hoof growth and strengthening. Biotin II 22X Super Concentrate contains 22 mg. of biotin per serving, as well as essential amino acids (dl-methionine, l-lysine, pyridoxine, manganese), trace minerals and lactobacillus (live microbials). Pellet.

Item: 24507 Size: 5 lb (80 days) $53.45 Shipping: 6 lbs
Item: 24508 Size: 10 lb (160 days) $92.95 Shipping: 12 lbs
Item: 24509 Size: 15 lb (240 days) $119.85 Shipping: 17 lbs
Item: 24510 Size: 35 lb (540 days) $267.45 Shipping: 37 lbs


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