Safe-Guard Dewormer

by Merck

Pellets may be top dressed on feed or blended with the ground feed. Fenbendazole 0.5% dewormer removes lungworms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms, and nodular worms in cattle. Feed at the rate of 1 lb. of pellets per 1000 lbs. body weight for one feeding.

Strategic Deworming
Research has shown that cattle roundworms reach a peak of activity in early summer. Worming during June strategically reduces the parasite burden. Egg counts in the manure drop, reducing re-infestation for remainder of grazing season. Works in both cows and calves.

expect up to:
* 22-70 lbs. extra gain in yearlings
* 30-60 lbs. heavier weaning weights
* 10% higher conception rates

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