Colostrx CS (Colostrx Plus)

by AgriLabs

Colostrx CS Colostrum Supplement is formulated with 55 grams of Globulin Protein to assist calf immunity when maternal colostrum supply is limited or low quality. Beneficial when calf has experienced a difficult birth or has difficulty suckling. Fortified with nutrients essential to newborn calves. 1 dose pack is 454 gm.

Please note: 20 dose pail is a bulk pail, not 20 individual packets.

Item: 16187 Size: 1 ds $11.95 12 @ $11.49
Item: 28480 Size: 6 x 1 ds $68.40 Shipping: FREE
Item: 40309 Size: 20 ds pail $219.95 Shipping: FREE


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