Dark Dazzle Sheep/Club Calf Halter

by Weaver Leather

Hematite-colored crystals on the crown and dramatic gunmetal hardware give this halter fashionable yet subtle accents judges will appreciate. Double crown buckles allow for the perfect fit while the rounded noseband, smoothed, finished edges and durable corner stays provide the right combination of classic style and function. For safe handling, a secure quick link on the chain won’t come undone but still allows enough chain slack to easily slide the halter on and off.

* Black bridle leather
* Hematite-colored crystals on crown
* Gunmetal-plated hardware and low profile buckles
* Features a 3/4" x 36" lead and10 7/8" chain with quick link end

Item: 22134 Color/Style: Black $41.95


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