Command Electro-Hydrate Horse Electrolyte

by Brookside Supplements

Command Electro-Hydrate Horse Electrolyte is scientifically balanced for the proportion of electrolytes lost in your horse’s sweat. Ensures proper electrolyte balance and rehydration during transportation, strenuous activity and competition. Feeding sugar slows electrolyte absorption by slowing stomach emptying into the gut where electrolytes are absorbed. Command Electro-Hydrate is completely sugar-free so less can be fed and more can be absorbed. Feed 20 grams (2/3 ounce) daily with feed. Scoop enclosed. Powder.

Item: 30594 Size: 2.5 lb (57 days) $18.95
Item: 30595 Size: 4 lb (91 days) $28.95
Item: 30610 Size: 8 lb (182 days) $38.95 $36.95
Item: 18237 Size: 30 lb (681 days) $159.95 Shipping: FREE


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