Himalayanle and Cooking Salt

by Aloha Bay

Reducing sodium? Don’t give up on salt…just use the best kind!

Table salt IS bad for you, but not this salt. With less actual sodium than table salt, it provides taste through 84 bioavailable minerals in crystal form that your body can absorb. The body-disturbing water retention from regular salt is not an issue with crystal salt. Even sea salt, which does not have the crystal shape that is so beneficial for absorption, may have compromised purity from oil spills and pollution of our sea waters. This crystal salt is mined from the pristine depths of the Himalayan Mountains. Nothing brings food to life like this salt! A little goes a long way.

Item: 51784 Size: 6 oz MSRP $4.58 NOW $3.89
Item: 51785 Size: 15 oz MSRP $8.50 NOW $6.49

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