SureFit Protective Fly Sheet

by Kensington
  • SureFit Protective Fly Sheet Red Plaid - Item # 32402

Kensington's Platinum Protective Sheet is ideal for year round use. The 1000 x 2000 denier Textilene mesh provides a durable barrier to protect your horse from biting insects, sun, and other horses. The sheet has 73% UV protection, as well as being 78% air permeable, allowing the horse to release body heat through the sheet in higher temperatures.

This new pattern is a hybrid, offering the best qualities of both the Traditional and European Cuts to comfortably fit any build. Comes with criss-cross belly straps that are removable from either side, belly band D's to add a belly band if needed, rear removable leg straps, and an adjustable front with buckles and keepers. Sheet only.

Item: 32402 Color/Style: Red Plaid Size: 75" $159.95 Shipping: FREE


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