Command Ulcer

by Brookside Supplements

Command Ulcer is a comprehensive and cost effective formula designed to support a healthy gut in horses with gastric pain and discomfort, as well as sensitive stomachs. All-natural formula provides ingredients commonly recognized as antacids to coat and soothe the gastrointestinal tract. Designed to support a healthy digestive system and aid in the prevention and treatment of ulcers. Command Ulcer Enhances mucous production to help protect the stomach lining and to promote healing. Feed 1 oz. per 1100 lbs. twice daily. Command Ulcer may be added to feed or mixed with a small amount of water and administered with a dosing syringe for horses with a reduced appetite or unwillingness to eat. Powder.

Item: 28687 Size: 3.75 lb (30 days) $34.95
Item: 28688 Size: 15 lb (120 days) $82.95 Shipping: FREE


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