Pulmotil AC Aqueous Concentrate for Swine

by Elanco

Pulmotil AC Aqueous Concentrate contains 250 mg/ml tilmicosin phosphate, a macrolide antibiotic, for oral use in the drinking water of swine. Pulmotil AC is used to control swine respiratory disease associated with Pasteurella multocida and Haemophilus parasius in swine housed in buildings where a respiratory disease outbreak has been diagnosed. Pulmotil AC must be diluted before administration. Include Pulmotil AC in the drinking water to provide a concentration of 200 mg tilmicosin per liter. One 960 ml bottle is sufficient to medicate 320 gallons of drinking water. The medicated water should be administered to swine for five consecutive days. Use within 24 hours of mixing with water. When using a medicating pump with a 1:128 inclusion rate, add one 960 ml bottle of Pulmotil AC per 2.5 gallons stock solution. Tilmicosin.

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