EZ Trap Fly Trap

by Starbar
  • EZ Trap Fly Trap 2-pack - Item # 31491
  • EZ Trap Fly Trap 6 x 2-pack - Item # 40606
  • EZ Trap Fly Trap 12 x 2-pack - Item # 40607
  • EZ Trap Fly Trap Item # 31491

Revolutionary design provides 3 times the trapping surface of leading sticky fly traps and is insecticide-free and odor-free. Ideal for stables, kennels, gardens, homes, patios, porches or anywhere flies and other flying insects are a problem. The special long-lasting adhesive is rainproof, so they can be used indoors or out. Easy to use, can be placed on any level surface or suspended.

Item: 31491 ** Size: 2-pack $8.95
Item: 40606 ** Size: 6 x 2-pack $53.40
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