Drinking Post Horse Waterer


Automatic frost-free waterer provides fresh, clean, 50 degree water year round without electricity. Waterer can be installed anywhere there is a pressurized water line: in stables, paddocks or pastures. To operate, the animal simply presses their nose to the paddle and the bowl fills with water. When finished drinking, the unused water drains from the bowl. Suitable for all climates; valve at bottom of post must be installed 18” below frost line. Top of water post should be approximately 36” above ground. No concrete needed for installation.

Item: 37080 (ds) Size: 6' post (mild climate) $379.00 Shipping: *FFC: $50.00
Item: 37081 (ds) Size: 8' post (cold climate) $439.00 Shipping: *FFC: $55.00
Item: 37082 (ds) Size: 9' post (very cold climate) $469.00 Shipping: *FFC: $95.00
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