Pro-Gest Cream

by Emerita

Helps maintain balance and harmony and quells your raging hormones.

* Paraben free
* The progesterone cream preferred by women for over 20 years

Pro-Gest is the cream women have trusted for 20 years because it actually works to help maintain balance in their lives and harmony in their bodies. Pro-Gest contains pharmaceutical-grade progesterone that works to give you relief from menopausal and PMS issues. Just rub on this marvelous cream and feel it penetrate to help smooth out hot flashes, breast tenderness, and that uncomfortable feeling. Tame your menopausal flare-ups with Pro-Gest.

Item: 50307 Size: 2 oz $19.99 $18.98
Item: 50570 Size: 4 oz $29.99 $28.49

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