Peterna for Dogs

by Saskatoon Colostrum

Peterna for Dogs is a nutritional supplement for natural immune support and long term health. Peterna is made from natural bovine colostrum to optimize your dog's health in a natural way. It contains over 50 natural beneficial components, including growth, immune and metabolic factors. Peterna supports a robust immune system, promotes healthy skin and hair coat, supports healthy teeth and gums, and maintains healthy digestive function. Peterna supports proper body functions and quality of life in senior dogs. Supports healthy tissue growth and development in puppies. Feed once daily.

Peterna for Dogs daily dosage:
under 5 lbs, 1.25 grams
5-15 lbs, 2.5 grams
15-30 lbs, 5 grams
over 30 lbs, 7.5 grams

Item: 20569 Size: 150 gm $28.99