Greenies Treat-Pak

by S&M Nutec

**New and Improved 100% digestible**

New Greenies come in distinct sizes and textures to match the chewing action of all dogs. Some dogs have a great deal of jaw strength and some don't, therefore Greenies now match the size of the dog. Plus, Greenies now have a chewy texture, allowing teeth to sink in to help control plaque and tartar buildup. The chewy texture also includes highly soluble proteins, providing optimal solubility and digestibility in the gastrointestinal tract. And they still have the same irresistible taste.

Item: 36221 Size: 43 ct Teenies (5-15 lbs) $12.49
Item: 36222 Size: 20 ct Petite (15-25 lbs) $12.49
Item: 36223 Size: 12 ct Regular (25-50 lbs) $12.49
Item: 36224 Size: 8 ct Large (50-100 lbs) $12.49


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