Oxy-Max Equine Ulcer Aid Feed Supplement

by Oxy-Gen

Oxy-Max is a natural supplement designed to treat equine ulcers, both gastric "fore gut" and duodenal "hind gut", and it works without expensive drugs. Oxy-Max balances stomach pH and utilizes a select group of vitamins, minerals, yeasts, and probiotics which act in concert to create the optimum environment for proper digestion and improved health. It also has the effect of helping your horse become more focused and easier to train. Oxy-Max is safe, natural and drug free. Feed 6 oz. twice per day for 7 days, then feed 3 oz. twice per day for maintenance. Pellets.

Item: 32307 Size: 24 lb (32 - 64 days) $165.00 Shipping: 27 lbs


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