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Easyboot Rx Therapy Boot

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Easyboot Rx Therapy Boot EasyCare
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27 of 29 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Rx Therapy Boot
Posted By: A. Cazeault (HENDERSONVLLE, TN) May 28, 2012

My horse went from being dead lame to one month later being completely sound. He went from being a saddle seat horse and having his feet destroyed with over shoeing and incorrect shoeing (which I did not realize through my own fault...) to me deciding that I want all my horses natural and barefoot(and no more saddle seat riding). I had a body scan done on him last year and I was told that he had a "pre-navicular" condition in this particular foot. Everyone I know argued with me that I needed to keep doing "corrective shoeing," but I refused. I read many testimonials that indicated that a navicular horse can go barefoot and be sound. I pulled his shoes and had my farrier trim him barefoot...I used the Easyboot Rx Therapy Boot when he was in his stall overnight, but allowed for regular turnout. He is completely sound now. I will continue to use it. My only "complaint" is the thin pad that is inside did bend and I will have to order another. Great product. Order from Valley Vet though, I originally ordered from the easy boot website and it was $30 more!
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29 of 30 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great for horses suffering from lameness issues
Posted By: Beena (SIMI VALLEY, CA) Nov 15, 2011

My 13 year old QH gelding has been suffering from pedal osteitis, navicular syndrome (with changes to navicular bone)and chronic abscessing for the last couple of years... poor guy! I have tried all sorts of things to keep him comfortable just being a backyard pet...After "therapeutic shoeing" didn't really help, I decided to pull his shoes and try hoof boots instead. To me, it makes sense... hoof boots offer a lot more shock absorption and cushion than any metal shoe. I started with Softride boots. They definitely made my horse feel better, but they were big and clunky and clumsy... They made it difficult for him to walk in his sandy paddock and they would fill up with sand. That's when I decided to try the Easyboot RX... they are great! They have kept my boy comfortable, they are durable and super easy to put on. He can even run in them... they only come off if he is feeling extra good during turnout and he decides to run like crazy... But I am always happy to see him kick his boots off... that means they are doing the trick... he is feeling good enough to run!!! Just a tip... if you have a really sore horse, you may want to double up on the hoof pads... that what I do and they still fit great!
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20 of 21 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: 48northfarm (PORT TOWNSEND, WA) Mar 20, 2011

My CWB mare had an infected coffin bone, for which she had surgery. I was told that she would need 2-3 months of stall rest once she left the surgery clinic, and I knew that would be very, very difficult for her. Instead, I put an Rx boot over her bandages and was allowed to let her go out into her paddock, not just her stall. With a next-stall-over friend to give her moral support, she was able to retain her sanity until she could go back out into the turnout fields. Now she is able to get turnout, with the Rx boot offering the protection the healing incision must have. Both of her front feet have to wear boots, to prevent any strain due to uneven footfalls. And the best part: the daily bandage changes were a piece of cake with the ease built into taking the Rx boot off and on. The bandage changes were not easy, but the Rx boot sure was!
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30 of 30 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Saved My Stallion!
Posted By: S. Griffith (LONDON, AR) Jan 2, 2011

I bought a pair of these boots in August 2010 for my Arabian stallion. He had suffered a major injury (abscesses and foundering) to both back hooves and was unable to stand without pain. Trying to walk was incredibly difficult. It was more than a month after his initial injury when it was recommended that we get him some orthopedic boots. I choose these boots because they looked really easy to put on and they were. As soon as I put the boots on him, he started standing more normally and being able to walk much much better! I can not describe how extremely happy I was to see him be able to move semi normally again! He wore the boots almost continuously for the next three months while the bottoms of his hooves healed (all of the sole had died and left raw tissue on one hoof and partially died on the other). I checked the boots daily and never had any problems with rubbing. I love these boots!! Pictures of his injury and recovery can be seen on my website under the tab 2010 Injury.
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19 of 19 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent boots!
Posted By: laminitissux (SERGEANT BLF, IA) Nov 29, 2010

My laminitic Paint has been wearing these boots for about a week and a half now. They have provided much comfort for him so far. (I had previously used the original Old Macs on another laminitic horse...these boots are MUCH easier to apply and stay cleaner inside than the Old Macs) I had a little trouble figuring out which size to get since his hooves are a little wider than they are long. (He's a big boy) But I went with a size 4 and that worked. He has worn his boots for up to three days and there are no signs of rubbing or irritation on his fetlocks. They're great!
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33 of 33 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Stall Rest for my horse
Posted By: Pasture Buddy (AUSTIN, TX) Oct 22, 2010

I have a 20yr old Thoroughbred who is set in his ways. He hates being confined to a stall so stall rest is impossible for him. He had bruised both front feet so badly (due to wet conditions) that at one point it looked like he was possibly foundering. I was prepared to put him down the next day if he was not doing better. We taped pads on his feet and I ordered some boots and pads right away. He wore the boots in his pasture everyday and within a week I was able to leave them off during the day and put them on at night. Less than 3 weeks after this drama, he is barefoot again and completely sound. I am completely impressed with the product. I recommend them to everyone I know. They fit like a glove and do not rub. These saved my horse's life and my sanity (I hate making tape boots!).
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18 of 18 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great boots!
Posted By: M. WEEKS (CARPENTER, WY) Oct 20, 2010

My mare was badly bruised on both front feet and could hardly walk. My vet suggested I try these boots and I'm so glad that I did. The relief was almost immediate and it was so good to see this broodmare out loping in her new boots. Super well made, easy to get on and off. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to give some relief to their sore horse. I put them on for 4 days, took off for a half day and then put the boots back on for 4 days. Within 3 weeks this mare was as good as new.
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48 of 48 people found the following testimonial helpful.
These boots are WONDERFUL!
Posted By: Dawn (SURPRISE, AZ) Oct 2, 2010

I ordered the Easy Boots RX for my Arabian mare Rose, who foundered about 6 weeks ago. They arrived yesterday and I put them on her this morning. I was hoping for a change, but was completely unprepared for what happened. After a bit of resistance (obviously caused by her fear of the pain in her feet, primarily the left front) I led her forward, and was absolutely amazed in the difference in her demeanor. She is not only completely relaxed - with her eyes softening, a lot of licking and chewing, and her neck and head down instead of thrown up in fear - but she executed several smooth turns on her own as she negotiated her pen, and is moving without limping or "heaving" herself up on her hindquarters in order to move her front end. Up until now it has been a painful, one-step-at-a-time process for her to go from one side of her "house" to the other, and it was very painful for me to watch her try to turn around, after getting herself stuck in a corner, so she could come get her food. I was praying that putting the Easy Boots RX on her would make her more comfortable - it appears that they have done that and much, much more. On a scale of 1 to 10 I give them a 12!
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57 of 59 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: RAPID FOX RACHEL (QUEEN CREEK, AZ) Aug 13, 2010

There's nothing worse than seeing your horse suffering in pain from an acute laminitis attack. These boots provided some initial relief for my horse and helped him recover much quicker than had he been shod or barefoot, even on stall mats or in deep bedding. I recommend going one size up, even without bandaging or thicker sole pads. The last thing you want to be doing is torquing on your horse's laminitic hoof to get a boot on or off. I also recommend taking the boots off once a day (while your horse is attended, perhaps during grooming) to air out both the hoof & the boot. Make sure to keep your horse's hooves & the boot dry. Use athlete's foot powder for thrush and medicated foot powder as a general precaution. I used these boots during August in Phoenix, AZ in 110 degree heat & my horse's feet stayed cool. No sweating around the pastern area. My horse's digital pulse was markedly decreased in less than 48 hours with this boot.
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23 of 23 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wonderful Product
Posted By: PaulaH (LOS LUNAS, NM) Jul 20, 2010

Our 23 year-old gelding has had chronic foot soreness problems since foundering over a decade ago. These boots have been a miracle for him. He is so comfortable in them. Because they are ventilated, I can leave them on him 24/7 with socks and bandages to prevent rubbing of his hoof bulbs. His whole attitude has changed because his feet feel good at last. It's wonderful to see him loping around and kicking up his heels. We can saddle him up and take him out for easy walks, and he feels productive once again. We LOVE these boots!!!
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35 of 35 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wonderful relief for a lamimitic mare.
Posted By: KathiB (DELAFIELD, WI) Jul 11, 2010

My 16 yr old, Hanoverian mare was diagnosed with acute laminitis on 6/4/10 following a virus in our barn. Both front feet were involved but the right was the most painful and sequential radiographs indicated lateral sinking of her right coffin bone of just s few degrees. Her toes were resected and aluminum pads with frog support were put on under her shoes. After she was stabilized for two weeks we started SHORT walks. My farrier recommended the Easy Boot RX as it is incredibly simple to put on, especially on a horse reluctant to hold a foot up for even a short length of time due to her discomfort. She quickly figured out that they made her feet feel better and now actually helps us put them on! I cannot recommend these boots too highly! They are light weight, extremely SIMPLE to put on, they offer support and cushioning and leave really COOL prints in the sand of the arena! I would also like to thank the associate I worked with as the package arrived very quickly with no additional shipping fees.
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33 of 34 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great product!
Posted By: Carol (WASHTUCNA, WA) Jan 27, 2010

My 19 yr old mare went lame last summer, at first we thought it might be navicular. I bought her these boots and they gave her a lot of comfort. Turned out to be a deep chronic thrush. We got that healed up, now this last winter she foundered. Out came her boots, which gave her immediate relief (a LOT more comfortable) and she is wearing them as she heals. If I take them off she is a lot gimpier, with them on she can walk and exercise her feet. I'm really glad we have them and am ordering a spare pair, as after five months of pretty heavy use, they are starting to wear and I don't want her to be without!
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74 of 75 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great boots!
Posted By: joharder (N FT MYERS, FL) Oct 16, 2009

My gelding has a cracked sole from who knows what, but I have to keep his hoof bandaged for a couple of months. After a few days of cotton, wrap, and duct tape, I was maxxed out on fun. I saw these boots and decided to try them. Based on the size information provided, he should have worn between a 2 and a 3, but Valley Vet only had the 4 in stock. I was desperate, so I ordered them. I'm really glad I did get the 4's because there's plenty of room! Because the sides are open and he can't get any sand or dirt in his foot, I wrap his foot with a newborn diaper and then put it in the EasyBoot Rx. Life is much easier! The pad that comes with the EasyBoot Rx is a half pad, so you'll want to replace it with the EasyBoot hoof pads. It'll squish down to about 1/8" and work great. I'm also a huge proponent of the EasySoaker boots, which I use to soak his feet in CleanTrax every two weeks. We'll get through this!
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50 of 52 people found the following testimonial helpful.
easy boot rx
Posted By: P. WARRACK (KILAUEA, HI) Jun 15, 2009

These are the greatest boots. I use them on our 12 year gelding Blaze, who has a navicular condition. They work great on him for light use in the arena or light trail walks.
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