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Easyboot Glove Hoof Boot

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Easyboot Glove Hoof Boot EasyCare
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10 of 10 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Gloves
Posted By: imemylee (SHERRILLS FORD, NC) Sep 26, 2012

I LOVE EasyBoot gloves! We can cover 20 miles of mountain trails through knee deep mud, rocky hills, and wet grass and the EasyBoot Gloves never show any signs of coming off. Even better, they have never rubbed or chaffed my horse's heel bulbs. I would give these boots an A+ for performance any day!
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20 of 20 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Trail Racker (NIANGUA, MO) Nov 30, 2011

I acquired a retired show walking horse with terrible feet. After much research, I decided the best thing for her would be to go barefoot. After recommendation from a trail riding friend, Easyboot Glove was my choice. I have ridden four months in the Glove and logged over 400 miles. Our terrain in Missouri is mostly rocks so I needed the comfort pads for her at first. The boots were pretty easy to put on, very little rubbing, and stay on through most terrain including mud and crossing rivers. Because of our rocky trails, I am only averaging 85 to 150 miles when the boots wear a hole through at the toe. I have been able to rebuild the boots by ordering just the bottom shell sold as the glue-ons. The gaiters and hardware have held up well.
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13 of 13 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best boots ever!
Posted By: lorig77 (LYNNWOOD, WA) Nov 19, 2011

We are in our 2nd season of using the Gloves, and they are the best. They fit well, don't rub, are relatively easy to put on and take off (especially after a little practice). My horse loves them, they give him just the protection he needs without being bulky or having straps, etc. that can get caught on things. He seems less worried about his feet than with the Old Mac G2s. Definitely recommend the fit kit to get the right size (may need to get from Easyboot). The comfort pads fit great and give him some extra cushion for navicular.
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9 of 9 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Awesome Boot!!!
Posted By: Trail Ryder (Orwell, OH) Oct 22, 2011

These boots are much easier to put on and take off than the original easyboot and they really do "fit like a glove". I love that they come in half sizes for a more customized fit. These boots stayed on through knee high mud and give excellent traction on both grass and pavement areas. These are good high quality boots and the price is pretty decent. I would recommend buying the optional power straps because they let you get a tighter fit around the hoof. Thank you easycare for another excellent product
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34 of 35 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Awesome boots!!!
Posted By: Beena (SIMI VALLEY, CA) Aug 3, 2011

I transitioned my thoroughbred mare to barefoot about 6 months ago. She does fine on the soft footing at home or in the arena, but being that we live in S. Cali. the trails are extremely rocky here! All my barefoot friends swear by the gloves, so I decided to give them a try! I must say, in the first 2-3 weeks of using them I did have a few issues with them coming off during uphill gallops... So I got the optional powerstraps and they really helped. My horses has an odd confirmation and under run heels and long toes (which are getting better with frequesnt trims). It took about a month for the boots to kind of conform to her feet... but now that they do, those boots are on tight and do not come off no matter what.It is such a tight fit, that I have to use a rubber mallot to get them onto the toe, and then my horse has to put her weight on them to sink into the heel. When getting these boots it is crucial you get the smallest size you can squeeze onto your horses foot! I literally have to work at pulling them off! If you get boots that are too big, they will come flying off in a canter- even with the powerstrap. My 16.2 TB wears a size 1... her feet are average size. My friend has boots in sizes 1, 1.5 and 2. I started with trying on the 2, thinking it fit snug, then i went to the 1.5 same thing... finally I put on the 1, it was really tight and hard to put on, but I managed with the mallot to get it on... so there you have it... she is a size 1! So when these boots fit well, they are amazing... they are like a glove.They will not fill up with dirt, sand, mud etc. But you do need some muscle to put them on! one last tip- i mark my boots left and right and always use the same boot on the same foot... although they supposedly don't stretch, I really do think they give and conform to the foot over time and you get a much better fit if you do it this way.
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21 of 22 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Stays Put!
Posted By: M. Phillips (Jacksonville, FL) Apr 6, 2011

I am very happy with this boot. I have used the Easyboot Epics in the past and it was not uncommon for them to come lose. The new gloves are amazing. I recently went trail riding with my mare down at the Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park (very nice place) and the boots stayed on perfectly through rocks, sand and very sloshy/sucky mud. I even took her up a spring bed with soft sinking sand and the boots were still on her feet when we got out. My mare's movement was fluid and unless you were looking for it, it's hard to tell that she had boots on at all. I really like the slim profile. All in all an excellent boot. I would recommend ordering the sizing fit kit however. By the chart my mare would be a two, but the 1.5 is what actually fit her feet. I also used them with the power strap. The straps are a little fussy to instal but once on they don't make for any more trouble getting the boot on. Oh, and I forgot to mention, these boots are a breeze to get on. No more fussing with cables and straps! We rode for 5 hours and the boots (minus the mud) looked like new. No scuffs or tears anywhere. I WILL be ordering another pair for her back feet when we hit the mountains.
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23 of 24 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Ever!
Posted By: horse.rider (MOTLEY, MN) Oct 4, 2010

These are the best boots ever! My farrier is even recommending them instead of shoeing! I have put my mare through the rigors with these boots for the past two years and highly recommend them! I am just ordering a 2nd pair as the first pair I bought (2 yrs ago) have a small tear on the gaitor part of the boot. I can order new gaitors from the company but they are on back-order so am getting a new pair. Highly recommend for all your riding needs. I trail ride and have ridden several times in these boots through the mountains of Medora, ND. In and out of the Little Missouri River, and anywhere one travels in MN. They have been put through the test with mud and muck, rocks and mountains. They do not slip, skid, or fall off for that matter. Easy to put on and easy off. I recommend you order the fit-kit, which is money returned when you purchase the boots. A MUST-HAVE!
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107 of 108 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Gloves
Posted By: Milo's Mom (STEELVILLE, MO) Oct 11, 2009

Because of the careful measurements required I got the fit kit from easyboot. When I measured my horses hooves with a tape measure the measurement was 1/2 to 1 size too big. Please get the fit kit, it rents for $8.50 and will save you a lot of time. That said, I LOVE these boots! My horses love them too! My husband and I went for a trailride just after we put them on and our horses not only moved energetically on our gravel roads but did not want to go home at the end of the ride. My mare would not pick up her feet for me to remove the boots. I had to bribe her! Normally she picks her feet right up when asked. Neither horse had a "perfect" fit but the glove was forgiving of the little irregularities and snugged up around the hoof walls. There was NO rubbing of the gaiter or the back of the heel bulbs even though we rode quite a while. There was NO dirt or gravel or mud in the boots at the end of the ride! You do need to carefully measure each foot because the size difference is so small one horse can have 2 or 3 different sized hooves. Our horses hooves were a little short for the size boots we got but they slid forward so that breakover was correct and they stayed in place once they slid forward until we took them off so there was no rubbing. It takes less time to put them on than it does to clean the hoof. I can easily put them on with one hand holding the hoof and one hand pushing on the boot and I am a small woman
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60 of 65 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Use blue loktite on screws
Posted By: trlbrkr (COLRAIN, MA) Sep 13, 2009

We are running 5 sets that have replaced the Old Mac and Cavallo boots we have been running for years. These are much easier to put on and take off. Best part is their is no left and right boot. Easy to clean and no need to run a liner for rubbing. Only issues to date is the screws have come loose and we lost one, when I ordered new ones the company said it is an issue and they are working on it. I have used loktite for the past 6 weeks and no loose screws yet. The other issue maybe with our walker breed the boots come off on when cantering on one of the horses consistently and once on another when my wife was cantering on a paved hill. The nice thing is they stay on the ankles when loose and it is easy to put back on in the woods. Looking forward to the boot sizes being available in larger sizes for 2 of our horses that run #6 in Old Macs
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63 of 65 people found the following testimonial helpful.
nice boots
Posted By: Fabulous Bet (MILFORD, MI) Jul 27, 2009

Way better than the epic, stays better in place, totally easy to put on (I have a hyper thoroughbred), there is a video on youtube how to apply them and it really is this easy!!! One hint: get the fit kit, it is 8.50 Dollars well invested. Even when we race-canter on slightly muddy ground the boots stay in place and on the hoof 90 % of the time, what is pretty excellent. Even if your horse gets out of the boot with his hoof, the boot stays at the horse and does not get lost in high grass or deep mud. If you want an even better fit, get the power strips, they are very easy to attach and great! We are totally happy with the "glove" while we do the transition to barefoot.
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138 of 142 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Boot Ever!!
Posted By: jdrose (STORRS, CT) Apr 27, 2009

I just got a pair of these and I LOVE THEM!!! I was able to put them on in less than 4 minutes!!! I was shocked!!! I love(d) my Epics but I need alot of time to put them on my horse and I work up a sweat doing it in the warm months.(my horse stands perfectly for booting so it wasn't him) I found myself avoiding exercising my horse when time was tight. He needs boots on for any kind of exercise. I used my husbands micromiter (close tolerance measuring tool) to measure my horses feet in mm and the boots fit PERFECTLY!!! The price is great too!!! Our first ride out with them was through standing water, mud, rocks, sandy roads, hills, you name it, and they stayed on!!!! Need I say more? :)
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93 of 95 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easy Care Glove boots
Posted By: therubes (PINE, CO) Mar 15, 2009

I was so excited to try these boots on my Missouri Fox Trotter mares! The past 3 weekends I've used them in snow, gravel, mud, and hard packed ground at all speeds and LOVE them! No worries with them coming off or rubbing. I used the fit kit before buying which was very helpful as they didn't fit one mare's front hooves that have some flare and are a bit too round right now.
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117 of 119 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: lotsaponies (ROUND HILL, VA) Mar 2, 2009

VERY nice!! One of the best booting ideas ever! Easy to go on, easy to take off, and they stay put no matter what. Caution - they run MUCH smaller than the standard easyboot, at least 1/2 to 1 full size smaller - so measure carefully.
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