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6 of 7 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Died at first real cold snap
Posted By: G. WOLF (GRANVILLE, MA) Feb 5, 2013

I bought this hose to make my life easier - first complaint was the hose had so much memory it was IMPOSSIBLE to unroll it and then re wind it without a hose reel - away it went till I got one. Sat unused for almost a year. Finally got to use it this winter - worked great with the reel - had it on a quick disconnect to prevent my hydrant from freezing. During an extreme cold snap - it stopped working. FROZEN. now useless. $100.00 + in the trash. Very disappointed.
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15 of 16 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Heated "Pirit" Hose...Love This Product
Posted By: Sheep R Us (PROCTOR, WV) Aug 6, 2012

Our old barn doesn't have a running water system so we have to draw it in from an old cistern just outside the barn. I bought this hose just for that purpose. The first time we used it, we used a shut-off valve. That night the temperature dropped to around 15 degrees. The hose froze from one end to the other. So the next day, I plugged it in after removing the shut-off valve. Within 15 minutes, there was a trickle of water. Another 15 minutes, there was a steady, slow stream and in another 10 minutes, there was normal flow. After that we just unplugged it from the outlet and let it empty out and didn't use the shut-off valve. We had it connected to a sump-pump in the cistern and the combination worked great. would highly recommend the Heated "Pirit" Hose. I saved me alot of work and grief. After too many winters with frozen hoses, the first time I used it with a frozen line, it paid for itself. I would do the feeding and check on lambs while I waited for the hose to thaw if necessary. It was a God-send for me and our watering needs. Well worth it.
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17 of 17 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Heated Pirit Hose
Posted By: Spiritsmom (MARTINSVILLE, NJ) Jan 5, 2012

I don't know how we managed without this hose. It ranks right up there with heated buckets as a "Must Have" for winter horse care. We keep it in the barn (plugged in, of course) but also haul it out to fill the stock tanks from the outdoor hydrant. We make sure to keep it plugged in and detached from the hydrant and have had no problem with water flow. It has paid for itself with the reduction of visits to the chiropractor. Plus, the horse get watered more frequently if I don't have to haul buckets!
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56 of 57 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Product, Exceptional Customer Service
Posted By: GaitedHorse (OTSEGO, MI) Jan 25, 2011

I bought two 50' heated hoses for Michigan winter. They worked very well, even in sub zero temperatures with a non-insulated barn. NOTE: when it's below 10 degrees, the hoses work best if you leave them plugged in all the time. After about a month of use, one of the hoses stopped working; weird/wonderful thing was that I contacted ValleyVet, told them the trouble and said I no longer had the receipt or packaging for the hose that was no longer working, and they sent me a new hose that week. Maybe the company had some quality control issues that are now worked out. But if your hose doesn't work, this company will send you another hose.
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73 of 73 people found the following testimonial helpful.
GREAT company to deal with
Posted By: Dallas (FLEMINGTON, NJ) Mar 15, 2010

I got this hose as a gift, and i was impressed with how well it worked, I did not leave it plugged in but it took only fifteen minutes to thaw it out, the company was EXCELLENT to deal with , i had gotten one of the few hoses that had a faulty brass fitting, not the pirits company fault, and within two days of calling about it- i had a new one on my doorstep- i would purchase from this company anytime- and reccomend them anytime, they are super great to deal with.. the hose is a lifesaver, i dont know what i would do without it!!
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80 of 80 people found the following testimonial helpful.
THis hose changed my life
Posted By: Barb (PAWNEE CITY, NE) Jan 12, 2010

My routine in sub freezing weather was always to carry 21/2 gallons of hot water from the house to the barn to make sure I had the hydrant head thawed before I started watering horses. No matter how I worked to empty the hose after I used it, I invariably had to drag it to the house to thaw it for the next use. Winter chores were brutal and left me too exhausted to do any "Fun" activities. This winter has been a brutal one but thanks to this hose, my water chores have been so simplified. Keeping it hooked to the old hydrant, the head stays warm and the hose stays thawed out. One winter I had to hand carry water from the house for 21 horses. Thanks to this hose I have no water fears this winter.
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154 of 156 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Very useful hose!!!! Wow!
Posted By: H. ZOFKO-BILLS (FLUSHING, MI) Jan 2, 2010

I bought the 50ft hose a couple weeks ago. I live in Michigan, and my barn is not closed. I have doors for the horses to get outside, so the barn isn't as warm as it could be. This hose is wonderful! I was wondering how it would work Today, since it's only been in the single digits Today. I just got in from the barn, and the weather channel says it's 4 degrees f out! No problem with the hose. I did have a metal end on it, that froze, and from the metal on metal it froze a smidge inside the hose, but it thawed in a minute or so when I set the end in my water tank thats heated. So I'll need to put the handy cover over the end of the hose, like it came with! This hose makes watering the horses and filling large water tanks easy. I don't have to pull my arms off carrying water buckets! Thank you Valley Vet for bringing this great product to my attention in your latest catalog.
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212 of 212 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Frozen North Motor Home Use
Posted By: bogusbrain (WOOLWICH TWP, NJ) Dec 21, 2009

We purchased this product in desperation. We were stuck in New Jersey much longer than we planned. We really should have been on our way to Florida. Our water was freezing. Every night we shut the water off, brought the hose in, and used our internal tanks and the water pump to get through the night. Not a pleasant solution. I went looking for a better one and found the Heated "Pirit" Hose. Then "the snow storm of the century" hit the Philadelphia area and we were frozen in. Even our door froze for awhile so we could not exit. Through all this our water, using our new hose, kept flowing. No question, a great product. We even had a small problem with shipping because of the holiday rush. I called customer service and was helped in a hands-on and courteous manor. Good experience all around.
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