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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot

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Easyboot Trail Hoof Boot EasyCare
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58 of 59 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easy Trail Boots
Posted By: mom3tlc (OXFORD, FL) Jan 16, 2013

I recently purchased a pair of these boots..loved them how easy they were to use..I used them 2 times on a 1 1/2 hour trail ride..purchased the in Sept..didn't us them again til nov.then not again til January when I discovered the lining had started to pull away from the top of the boot on both on the inside..I calledValley Vet but because they were passed the warranty time they couldn't help me..they only had been used 2 times although i had them for severalmonths...IcalledEasy boot direct. and they were so nice..they sent me anew pair..they said it must of been a defective batch...what great people to deal with
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42 of 43 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail
Posted By: D. ZAMORA (OAK HILLS, CA) May 18, 2012

I really was skeptical getting any boots for my rocky mountain mare, she has a clubbed foot and I can't ever shoe her, so I tried the Easyboot Trail boots and she does great in them, she's a great trailhorse, she trott's, gallops and goes for miles with no problems. The first time out she got a little chaffed and bloody (not bad), so from then on I put a little balm on her first and she has never chaffed again. I had to get 2 different sizes and that was great to!! Diane, Oakhills, ca
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22 of 22 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail Boots are a Useful as therapy boots, too
Posted By: AmandaC (LORTON, VA) Jan 17, 2012

My horse suffered a deep puncture and laceration to the frog of a hind foot, and these are the only boots that fit properly (slightly longer than wide). They are very simple to get on and off, and durable. They allow the horse to be turned out with the injury, though I've had to use them in conjunction with a shoe, which does cause an abnormal amount of wear in the heels.
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55 of 56 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail Boot
Posted By: Black Hills SD (RAPID CITY, SD) Jan 15, 2012

Very happy with these trail boots. Easy to put on and remove, and they STAY ON through mud, water, steep hills, etc! We have galloped our horses with the boots on, and they had no problem. Highly recommend this product.
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42 of 42 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail Boot Worth Every penny
Posted By: J. KING (HUNTINGDON, TN) Jan 2, 2012

I recently bought Easy Trail boots for my two horses. The first time we used them, we took them through deep mud, water, steep inclines, you name it. Not only were the boots easy to put on and not only did they handle everything we threw at them, but I firmly believe they kept us safe on some unexpected terrain. We went over steep and slick sandstone and Easy Trail Boots kept our horses from slipping. No way shoes or bare feet would have managed it. Great product!
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33 of 33 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Love them MUST have for Christmas!
Posted By: C. Belmont, Ohio (BELMONT, OH) Dec 3, 2011

Absolutely LOVE these boots!!! We went through tall grass, deep mud, creeks above their knees and they never budged!!! My friends riding with me and were sold after the mud and creeks! They are easy to apply and remove just hose them off and look brand new again!! I was concerned with eveything we rode through the Velcro wound weaken and not hold and that was definitely not the case....they are awesome! So glad I bought them money well spent, and plan to get two More pairs!!! Can't wait! We do some trotting and cantering at times, mainly walking but never had trouble in any gaits! Thanks easybootinc! Love them!
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58 of 58 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail - AWESOME Boot!
Posted By: lovemyTW (Phoenix, AZ) Nov 16, 2011

I recently purchased a pair of the Easyboot Trail hoof boots for my 6 year old gelding Tennessee Walker. When I put them on for the first time, I was amazed! The first outing I was a little nervous and kept checking to make sure they weren't twisting and they weren't. Soon, there was less looking down at my horse's feet and taking in the ride! I have used Old Mac G2s in the past and then switched to Renegade hoof boots, which are made here in AZ. The Renegades are great boots and come in all sorts of colors, but the issue I was having with them was the "no give" when my horse's hooves would grow out after a couple weeks after his trims. I was reading other testimonials and did more reading on the Easyboot Trail and they are an absolute winner! I ride on all sorts of terrains, up and down hills, through mud and sand, and they really do what they say they do! And so easy to put on! They are the easiest boot I have ever used and so durable! They don't affect my walker's gait at all and he seems to like them as much as I do. I'm going to buy a pair for my Quarter horse gelding as well. One more beautiful thing about these boots...there is no "left" or "right" boot which makes it nice for even wear! Pretty soon, everyone from coast to coast will be using these boots! Thanks so much for making a hoof boot that makes horse and rider happy!! Happy trails - from Phoenix, Arizona
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47 of 50 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: M. ALLEN (ATHENS, TN) Oct 24, 2011

I have used the boots for the last three months on the same 3 gaited horses. They go on great, very easy, but when ridding in the woods it is to easy for a tree root to peal off the Velcro fastener on the back. There is no rhyme or reason as to the setting or which horse they stay on. We rode last weekend at Circle E Guest Ranch where it was extremely muddy and they stayed on Super Sport all day till the last 1/4 mile and one came off on flat ground. Breezy and Cody lost theirs on the way in and they were so caked in mud there was no way to put them back on. I have used them on pavement with Super Sport and couldn't get them to stay on. Breezy has used them the most and sometimes they stay on good and some times they don't. I really don't like that they fasten in the back and the Velcro just isn't strong enough or long enough. I have wrap the whole boot with duck tape for extra insurance, this helps a little.
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74 of 75 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Boots!!
Posted By: W Tobler (Willis, MI) Aug 12, 2011

I've been trying to boot my horses since decades ago when the original, cabled Easyboot was the only product out there. Nothing stayed on my Saddlebreds at a flying trot down our gravel roads until Horsneakers and Old Macs came out. Horsneakers were custom made via impressions that you took of each hoof and they were fabulous as they had little bulk and fit like a second skin, but they were expensive, intolerant of hoof growth, not particularly long wearing and are no longer made. Old Macs are a great boot, but the Easyboot Trail is now my favorite with its lighter weight and strapless, buckleless design. Super easy to apply and remove, these durable boots don't come off and they don't twist no matter how my horse spins from boogymen, splashes through creeks or struts his rack and trot down the roads. We love these boots!
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107 of 110 people found the following testimonial helpful.
sold singularly is a plus
Posted By: siskyou mt. rider (WILLIAMS, OR) May 25, 2011

I think I've tried almost all the varieties of boots from Epics to the gloves and Cavallo's Simple Boot. We have mountains, creeks, rocks and sometimes mud here. The Epics tore off the gators the first steep hill, next time the clip broke in half, lastly the wire broke. I never did have a problem with the the Cavallos through all of our tough terrain, but tried the Gloves over and over again. They ripped out the front many times and after the 'power strap' then the gators tore off on several other occasions. Since the 'Trail' version looked so much like the Cavallos I decided to give them a try. A BIG plus is that they are sold individually because my horse has one front hoof larger then the other. I've ridden on the flat twice and they seem to be fine, however, I can't use the pastern wraps over her very sensitive skin because of the tighter, elastic fit and they may be rubbing the heel a little bit. I'll try using a little vet wrap and go up some hills. Oh yes, they are the easiest, by far, to put on because of the wide opening.
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111 of 111 people found the following testimonial helpful.
LOVE these boots!!!
Posted By: MeadowCreekFarm (HAMPSTEAD, MD) May 24, 2011

OMG! Thank you easyboot! Finally a boot that is easy to put on and stays put! I have been using Old Mac G2s for several years...and really like them. But, they are a bit of a challenge to put on when you ride as much as I do and I was having trouble with leather breakdown. My boots gets wet frequently and the leather points were failing after several months. My new easyboot trail boots arrived today and my mare and I took them for a test ride. I am thrilled! Not only are they easy to put on, but they stayed on through mud, stream crossing and hill climbs. AND now my boarders who have horses with two different size hooves, can buy one of each size needed. LOVE that. This an awesome boot. I highly recommend it.
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128 of 129 people found the following testimonial helpful.
easyboot trail
Posted By: hausenc (PILOT POINT, TX) May 17, 2011

I just purchased a pair of these for my TWH mare. I was skeptical because I have a pair of easy boot Epics for my APHA gelding and of the two times I have used them I had problems. The first time they wouldnt stay on more than five minutes. After many adjustments I tried again another day and they stayed on for 4 miles then at a gallop my horse lost one of them. The gaiter was still there but the boot was gone. Finally found it and it cost me $30 to get it repaired. Havent tried it again yet. But I bought the Trails for the Tennessee Walker horse and I used them sunday. This horse likes to walk about 20mph. We went to town over payment, dirt grass etc , no problem. Never missed a beat. May have chaffed her a little but I will just stop shaving her hairy feet. I'm going to buy a pair for her rear feet too becasue she slides her rear feet when shes gaiting. They were great and didn't slip or tear and I was very pleasently surprised. Might even replace the Epics and get the Trails for both horses all the way around.
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66 of 72 people found the following testimonial helpful.
easyboot trail
Posted By: L. CLARK (BURBANK, WA) May 2, 2011

The easyboot trail boots are by far the easiest hoofboot to put on and take off that I have ever used!
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159 of 160 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easyboot Trail -Great Boots!
Posted By: Pasoluv (SAXONBURG, PA) May 2, 2011

Had trouble fitting boots to my 8-yr Paso Fino. Ordered on Thurs, they came Friday and he was in them on Sat. These boots went on easily. No twisting, no heel slipping. Rode 2 hrs thru mud,creeks, rocks, up/down steep muddy slopes. He had great traction, moved confidently. We rode thru mud that completely covered the boots and they STAYED ON! I only had to stop once to re-tighten a strap. I examined his ankles and there was no chafing, no debris in the boot. I am completely pleased with these boots.
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101 of 106 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easy Boot Trail
Posted By: mofoxtrottr (MONTGOMERY, AL) Apr 21, 2011

Received my new Easy Boot Trail boots today. Tried them on, and not only did they fit like a glove, but was sooooooo easy to put on. Yea!
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