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Easyboot Horse Boot

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Easyboot Horse Boot EasyCare
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27 of 28 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easy-er times for Buck
Posted By: Bucky's friend (PEMBROKE, MA) Feb 21, 2008

True Story: We had a horse named Buck. He was neglectd by the previous owner, and had very bad feet. We were told by our vet and farrier, that his feet were very dry due to standing in his own manure too long. It was hard to keep shoes on Buck, his feet would just crumble under his own weight. He was used as a driving horse, so needed shoes to be on the paved ground. So, we bought 4 Easy Boots. It took about a year of special care with wearing the Easy Boots, along with a clean stall and proper diet, to grow good strong healthy hooves again. Thanks to those Easy Boots. They saved Bucks life! He is now back to wearing his own shoes. I highly recommend Easy Boots!
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Easy Boots for Founder
Posted By: CashAndDunkin (TOWNSEND, MT) Jul 25, 2007

One of our horses foundered on our pasture, luckily we caught it early, but he was still tip-toeing and didnt want to walk much. After we put the Easy Boots on him, he kept looking down at his feet, like "Wow ,these sneakers are cool !" He started walking immediately without limping. I also bought the pad inserts to give him more comfort. We were told to start walking him, but his front legs would be stiff, and he just didnt want to walk much. Even going to the water trough was a production. Now he is walking normal. Thanks to Easyboot........he now can recover without pain. Kathy G.
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Much Better than Shoes--And Cheaper Too!
Posted By: joharder (N FT MYERS, FL) Aug 28, 2005

It was my farrier who suggested Easy Boots because he said that it's better to put Easy Boots on a horse than shoes (he's an honest guy!). Not only is it better to have my horses barefoot, but it's a lot cheaper too. I always ride my horses with Easy Boots. It takes an extra minute or two to put them on, but it beats putting nail holes in their hooves. The horses don't need any adjustment time to get used to wearing Easy Boots. Easy Boots changed the style earlier this year. They now have a slit on each side, so water and mud can come out of the boot easily. The old style used to fall off on occasion, but the new ones don't come off at all so long as you make the cable as tight as possible.
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111 of 114 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Olivia G. (HIGGINSVILLE, MO) Jul 2, 2005

I decided to try these Easyboots on my SEVERELY arthritic horse. I just got them yesterday and I went out to the barn to put them on him after grooming. I fitted them on him and then started to walk him around on CONCRETE. I HAD TO PULL ON HIM TO KEEP HIM FROM TROTTING ~ ON CONCRETE!!!!! Now comes the ultimate test ~ using them on gravel. Before I used the Easyboots he would walk so slow over gravel that he would walk 8 to 12 feet behind me. I walked him on gravel and I got the same great result with the Easyboots! I HAD TO PULL ON HIM TO KEEP HIM FROM TROTTING ~ OVER GRAVEL!!!!! He no longer trips and stumbles on everything and looks at the ground when he walks, he just trots around happily and no longer cares where his feet go! I am looking forward to riding him with these because, you see, before the Easyboots, all he could do was walk and trot ~ NOW HE CAN CANTER!!!! So thanks Easyboots, you have truly given my horse (Smokey) a new lease on life, and that has to make him comfortable. :)
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