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Remarkable Results!
Posted By: Laura D (EDISON, NJ) Mar 28, 2010

My 8 year old black lab mix has been on "Joint Rescue" for a little over two weeks and I can not believe the difference in his comfort and ability to move freely! Jake was impaled with a large stick about 6 years ago, two surgeries still left damage to the muscles in his groin and hip area. He is high energy and needs to run and play on a daily basis, but usually sufferes a few hours later with limping and discomfort. Since Jake had been on two beef sticks a day (he's about 95 pounds) he is all energy! The aftermath of limping, iniability to get up off his bed or go up stairs is totally gone! I am thrilled at the results!
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Made a World of Difference for Auggie-Doggy
Posted By: C. DAVIDSON (KETTLE FALLS, WA) May 3, 2005

My 12-year old toy poodle, Auggie-Doggy, developed a debilitating back degeneration when he was about 6 years old. X-rays showed two disks in his lower backbone to have severe deterioration. So much so that our Vet told us if he jumped around or used stairs wrong one day he could end up paralyzed. Auggie would go through some very painful episodes where he would only walk backwards because of the pain. It was absolutely heart-wrenching for me. When he fell out of the car, we had to keep him totally immobile for about 6 weeks, on medication, and we prayed he would heal -- or we'd have to put him down. I literally carried him in a sling for 6 full weeks. I started researching alternatives and natural treatments. Not much information out there, and we just developed a routine where I basically carried him all day, every day until he was totally "healed" and he wasn't allowed to jump, climb or run around. My mom has arthritis, and about 3 years ago she found some real relief with glucosamine, chondroitin and sea cucumber. I figured, why not try it for Auggie? It's natural, couldn't hurt. I researched on the Internet and looked for different variations. Auggie won't take pills and knows very well how to spit back liquid, so when I came across a discount sale for Sea Mobility Jerky, I tried it, thinking it might be something I could get him to eat. HE LOVED IT! He thought it was real jerky, so I started giving him the amount he needed for his 7 lb. body weight, each night before bed. In 3 weeks I noticed a BIG difference in his movement. He's no longer stiff in the morning; he hasn't had one--not one! --bout of pain since eating the Sea Mobility daily. I am so very pleased and thankful for this product that I can't tell you! Auggie will be eating it for the rest of his life...and enjoying it! I totally recommend it! (And a P.S. has MSM in it, and my mother tried a joint treatment with MSM because she saw how well it worked for Auggie, and so Sea Mobility even helped Mom indirectly! LOL)
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