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Little ''S'' Horse Hackamore (964)

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34 of 35 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Hackamore
Posted By: E. QUINN (SCOTTSDALE, AZ) Dec 27, 2010

I bought this hackamore for my barrel horse and I love it and i think my mare loves it too! I love that the shank is all one peice and are not really long like most of the hackamores avaliable. I also like the rope nose becasue it gives a little more bite if needed. I trained her on barrels in an eggbutt with a copper mouth becasue she doesn't have a hard mouth. But after she was finished, she developed a hard mouth. So I put her in this hackamore and it has made her even softer than before even on barrels!
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132 of 134 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Pitchfork (ORANGE, TX) May 6, 2009

I got the Little S Hackamore for a 3yo I was training at the time. She kept tossing her head and trying to avoid the bit. First I took her to the vet and had her teeth floated to rule out any dental/mouth problems, she had one point and vet said that as little as it was it shouldn't have caused her all that pain when I told him what she was doing. I had her in a plain O-ring sweet iron snaffle. So started looking for a very light hackamore to try on her, one that was good for horses that are light in the face and don't need much control and wanted a hackmore that didn't have much "whoa" to it, and one that still had some bend/flex to it. At first I only bought 1, to see if it would work for her. My mare was perfect with the Little S! No head tossing or trying to evade the pressure. Just barely have to touch the reins for her to slow down, stop, or back. And I was surprised and very pleased with how much flex/bend this little hackamore has! I've used other hackamores in the past and they were good for stopping but they didn't have much if any bend or flex to them and made my gelding stiff in his turns and he started dropping his shoulders when he should have had them picked up, so I switched him to another bit until I got his flex and bend back and then got him a Little S Hackamore as well. And I'm planing on buying at least 3 more this year. Its good for training and competing and for trail riding, and its good for horses that have dental/mouth problems. I have a friend and her horse had an accident and its tongue is now deformed looking and can't use a bit on him, so she uses a Little S on him and he does wonderful and performs just as well as he did before his accident.
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