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Calm Coat for Dogs, Cats and Horses

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Calm Coat - Fur mower cat not so much anymore!
Posted By: meows2 (FAIRPORT, NY) Feb 26, 2013

My female cat is a "fur mower". I tried Atopica liquid medication orally via syringe once/day and it does work. But it was a battle; she didn't want me to get near her at all after a while. So now I spray a little Calm Coat on a nylon scruffy and apply to her belly, shanks, and legs and her fur is growing back a little at a time. It's not a miracle but I definitely see improvement from where she was 6 months ago. I do think some of her fur mowing is due to her hyper personality.
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Calm Coat for Dogs, Cats & Horses is a Great Product
Posted By: Trish E (MEADOW VISTA, CA) Sep 14, 2012

This is an essential for our fly season. My Standardbred mare is supersensitive to even one fly. She will tear up her belly without an application of Calm Coat every morning,even to the extreme of attracting meat bees! Calm coat keeps her midline in one piece, and I put it on other places that she rubs too. It's a bit pricey, but we can't do without it.
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Miracle in a bottle
Posted By: babychops (VALLEY CENTER, CA) Aug 11, 2006

My white Great Dane had a spot he just wouldn't stop licking that no longer grew hair, I'd tried everything including putting him in a space helmet. 1 week of smoothing this onto the area and not only has he stopped licking but the hair grew back completely. Hair also grew back on problem skin on his belly that I thought was gone forever. Can't say enough about it. It's worth every penny.
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Calm Coat saved my horse!
Posted By: Maren Augero (VILLA RICA, GA) Apr 15, 2006

When I bought my gelding three years ago, he had allergies against the 'noseeums' flys. The previous owner gave him steroids to calm him down because he was itching all over. My vet recommended to try Calm Coat, and when I saw improvement really quickly I used it religiously all year long. You do have to shampoo the horse every week though because the oil builds up depending on how much you use. Now I live in Georgia and use Calm Coat only during spring and summer, but could not live without it! I use it also for my horses ears, gnats will not touch them with the oil on. Don't wash the ears though!! Maren Augero
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Calm Coat Miracle Worker
Posted By: A. FERBER (Ocean Ridge, FL) Oct 6, 2005

My son was terribly bitten by sea lice or jelly fish and had welts all over him. The caretaker at the Greyfield Inn on Cumberland Island, GA, gave this to me as she used it on her horse after trying everything else to sooth his skin allergy. Not only is her horse much recovered, but the Calm Coat took the pain and itch out of my son's welted body almost instantly. It required a few more applications every time the welts would come up again but in 12-18 hours, the bites were no longer itchy and they dried up in 3 days. This Christmas I am giving Calm Coat to my brother and sister who also have young children! It has also been used for severe poison ivy and dried the rashes up in 2 days.
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