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EQ Body Wash

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EQ Body Wash EQ Solutions
Top Seller
EQ Body Wash is Awesome
Posted By: L. Reister (Washougal, WA) Jul 26, 2012

I have a quarter horse with chronic rain rot issues due to her outdoor dry lot housing option. have used other options including the medicated sprays and washes available; including home remidies too. I used EQ Body Wash once or twice a week during the rainy spring to help remove the dirt and bacteria. It has worked like a charm! I have continued to use it before and after shows and competitions all through the summer. This product is AWESOME! Try it, you won't be disappointed!
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stopped fighting with my mare to take a bath
Posted By: siskyou mt. rider (WILLIAMS, OR) Sep 7, 2010

Wow, my mare previously acted like I was trying to kill her if I came near her with shampoo. However, using the EQ sprayer first with warm water then the mix which you can leave on as an antibacterial/fungal agent she just stands there. She seems to like the strong spray better then gentle hand washing. She's gray turning white and people wonder how I keep her so clean. Very easy to use, I love it.
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Best Damm Horse Wash
Posted By: Southern CA (THOUSAND OAKS, CA) Jun 8, 2009

First time horse owner, used this product as a result of the prior testimonials, this product is the best!!! The product is Fast, Easy, and the Cost is Reasonable. We have a draft horse, which has a heavy winter coat, we used this product twice during the first week and by the following week his coat was stunning. While ever other draft on the ranch is still carrying a portion of their winter coat. Great Product!
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I love this product! It works well and is super easy to use!
Posted By: RebeccaMI (KALAMAZOO, MI) May 23, 2009

Although I've hosed down my horse after sweaty trail rides many times, I can't remember the last time I gave him a bath. I always thought, "It's so much work, and he'll just go out and roll anyway." He got to be quite the dust bunny, and no amount of brushing could seem to get out all the dust. Then a friend recommended this product to me, so I decided to try it out. It ROCKS!!! I got the 32oz. container with the built-in foamer, and it's so easy to use I couldn't believe it. Simply hook up the hose and set the dial to "wash" or "rinse". Within five minutes I was done. Now my horse's coat is brighter, shinier, softer, and most importantly, CLEANER! No more dust bunny horse! You will not be disappointed if you buy this product.
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Clean without skin problems
Posted By: Latana (LAS CRUCES, NM) Dec 30, 2007

I have a six year old American Paint, a frame Overo. He has had horrible skin allergies and raging rain rot. I finally have both conditions GONE, thanks to using "Omegas", but have been leary of what to bathe my horse with. Last summer I bought my first container of EQ Body Wash after reading many, many testimonials online. I am happy to add MY testimonial for this product. My horse loves the SPEED of the bath, as do I. Daily washings have resulted in a clean, healthy coat with absolutely no irritation. I don't do a second "leave-on" foaming since I bathe so frequently.
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EQ Body Wash
Posted By: horsemom (OVIEDO, FL) Oct 13, 2005

I am convinced that EQ Body Wash is the ONLY way to get rid of RAIN ROT here in Florida with all of our hot, wet weather, I have been using the product for 2 years, I tried others when I ran out, and NOTHING works like this product does. After you have bathed you can spray it full strength directly on affected areas and LEAVE IT ON, the rain rot or summer itch will be gone within a week, no burning of the hair or skin. We are showing year round and everyone asks how we keep our black bay TB's coat so shiny, soft and healthy, and a gallon lasts a LONG time and it is well worth the initial investment.
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Saves Time and Money!
Posted By: O'Byrne, C (WALLKILL, NY) Aug 19, 2005

I wouldn't be without this product. My horse gets a bath now every time I'm done with riding and I feel it keeps him healthier. I don't even have to change my clothes to give him a bath because the foamier gets the EQ on the horse and water without getting me wet. Saves a lot of time and my horse looks great without using all the shampoos and conditioners. Saves money!
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EQ Body Wash
Posted By: C. WATKINS (PRESCOTT, AZ) Jun 13, 2005

EQ Body Wash is a great product. We started using it about 2 years ago, show QH in the Cutting and Roping Events, and couldn't go to a show without it. It's so easy to use, even my husband can use it! It leaves the horses hair clean and very shinny. Our son even uses it on his show steers. Great product!
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