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Mare Magic

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Mare Magic Mare Magic
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20 of 24 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Mare Magic Works on Goats Too!
Posted By: Lucky2ranch (Arlington, WA) Apr 21, 2012

As a long time horse owner but new goat owner, I had no idea how noisy 3 female nubian goats could be. When they came into heat, all they did was scream, loudly! As much as we loved them, we thought we were going to have to get rid of them before the neighbors started to complain. I had heard good things about Mare Magic for horses, so I tried it on the goat girls. It only took about a week and we noticed such a difference. The still came into heat, but the screaming stopped and the whole neighborhood was much happier! This will always be part of their diet during their fall breeding season. Now I am going to try it on my mares. Thanks for such a great product!
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23 of 31 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Mare Magic Works!
Posted By: C. TOWER (GIG HARBOR, WA) Aug 13, 2011

I tried this on my (now) 12 year old paint mare who always has had really 'noticeable' cycles. She tends to be a very hyper horse at times and during her cycle she was cranky, and recently started banging her sides against the stall wall, etc. I started Mare Magic a couple of months ago before she came into one of her cycles. It was a great improvement, her total attitude has changed; she is much calmer all around: no banging the stall walls and she phases through her cycles much more normally now. I highly recommend this product and am considering starting my gelding on it (this mare's 1/2 brother), as I understand that it can be a calming factor for any horse.
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29 of 32 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Ms Julia
Posted By: My bucketlist (South Beloit, IL) Jul 16, 2011

I purchased a warmblood mare little over a year ago. I am learning dressage. She is a beautiful horse but was always very moody and hard to get her to pay attention in the lessons. She did not get along with to many other horses and would bite and kick. She was the head mare. When you went up to her in her stall she would lay her ears back. She would never tried to bite or kick me though, but she always seemed to be in a bad mood. She would not stand still on a tied lead. she would always break them. Hard to load on the trailer as well. I was searching for something I could give her to calm her down and I saw this Mare Magic. I read the testimonies of other people and decided to try it. She has been on it two months now. What a hugh change in her. She has calmed down so much and always seems glad to see me. Does not put her ears back anymore when you approach her. Will stand tied now without any trouble. The ferrier could not believe that it was the same horse. He never believed in products like this until now. He wrote it down and was going to tell some of his other clients that it does work. I notice a small change within 2 weeks. Now it is two months and she is the horse I knew she could be. She pays attention in the riding lessons and has progress so much now. Thanks for saving my mare.
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28 of 32 people found the following testimonial helpful.
irritable mare
Posted By: S. SCAPEROTTA (LOCUST VALLEY, NY) Jan 25, 2011

At first my trainer thought that my mare might be too much for me then with training and working together things got better but she was still so irritable and pushy. So I purchased Mare Magic. We saw a difference in her attitude in about 2-3 weeks, she was calmer and sweet. When I ran out of Mare Magic the old attitudes started to come back, pacing, pulling or just being ticked off. I purchased a new bag and with in a few days of giving it to her I got my sweet girl back. This stuff is Magic
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45 of 46 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great results...
Posted By: Mktomes (MANITOU, KY) Apr 27, 2009

I bought Mare Magic a couple of months ago and didn't want to write a testimony until I was completely sure of this product. Let me start from the beginning... July 2007 - I rescued a paint mare, who was obviously in need of groceries. Little did I know, she had ANOTHER set of problems. She was full of fear and didn't trust anyone. She was very moody & just not friendly at all. I wanted to give her enough time to adjust to her new home. I gave her plenty of food, love & positive training. Last summer, 2008, still not the results that I want to see in Angel. She's still fearful, very hot & nervous. Her training is coming along; some days she does Ok; some days she's the completely opposite; which puzzles me about her behavior. I just chalk it up to "being a mare." Her heat cycle was very messy, running all the way down from her rear to her fetlocks...dark brown, gooey mess. I came across this Mare Magic on the web the end of last year. I started her on it b4 she came in heat, hoping to see results in her horomones. Thinking that maybe her strange behavior was from her heat cycle, because some days she was good and some days she was a B****. Mare Magic has completely changed her. She is very calm, very docile, and laid back. She's been in heat twice this year and it isn't very noticeable at all. I cannot explain to you how Mare Magic has changed this horse. Just last weekend, we went on a ride. I meet a few people who didn't know Angel. They lady asked, "Who is this?" I introduced her to Angel and said, "This is Angel." The lady responded, "OMG, Angel's a mare?" I said, "Yea." She said, "But she's so calm to be a mare." :0) Awesome product.... I will continue to feed this to Angel. It has helped her tremendously. She is now the horse I knew she could be.
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29 of 29 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Dramatic change
Posted By: EPM QH (ELYRIA, OH) Feb 25, 2009

I have a beautiful Quarter Horse gelding that contracted EPM some time ago. While his protozoa is down to undetectable levels this left him with nervous habits such as weaving in the stall, cribbing, he did not stay outside and making a complete mess of his stall daily. In short he was a mess. I have shown him in Quarter Horse shows and had shown with sucess, I thought we'd never get back to the show ring til....Mare Magic! I have to say it was a complete change within just ten days! I was utterly amazed how calm he is and what a change this supplement facilitated in my gelding. This brings me to tears when I see how peaceful he is now and think back to how very unhappy he was previous to purchasing the Mare Magic. The horse I had prior to the EPM is back, and I say GOD Bless and thank you for Mare Magic! Larra, Ohio
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31 of 32 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Nitrokiki (SODUS, NY) Feb 12, 2009

I have been searching for something "Natural" for my mare. She is fairly new to us and came with a bucket load of Horsey ADHD. She would not stay focused. Her flight/fright reaction made her and me a wreck. She was not at all like this prior to coming to our home. The changes from being with only mares to now a gelding, location change, after living on a horse farm for her first 7 years, changing to a 12x12 stall from just a tie stall proved to be the culprit in the behavior changes. Her hormones kicked in....made things even more interesting. I read all of the testimonials on this product and waited until I had checked about every resource I could find. I finally gave in and purchased Mare Magic with much skeptical thought. I loaded her up for the first 10 days with 2 scoops and now she gets one scoop a day. No changes at first. This is not an instant fix. Now, after a month of use, she is settling in. She still has her moments, but is making progress. I do believe that this Mare Magic is key to a calmer mare. This will be on her menu for the rest of her life. An added bonus......Our usually hyped up gelding is also on the Mare Magic and what a difference it has made on him. He is easier to handle and is more pleasant with seeking affection rather than avoiding it. I was a skeptic, but I see the changes and know that with longer only gets better. Highly recommended for mares and geldings.
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26 of 29 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: R. CHENEY (FAYETTEVILLE, NC) Aug 17, 2008

I have a 19yrs young Racking horse mare that until I started boarding her at NSE was great. But when I started boarding her she turned it to a B**** we put her in a pasture with about 10 other mares . Think it would just be that she would just have to find her place in the herd . Yeah right it turned into a war zone the other mares would leave her alone but she would just keep at it . So we moved her around tried her in different pastures same thing over and over . So we finally just put her beside the mare is her own pasture . But she would still try and fight the mares it was a true nightmare . My vet recommended I try magic mare on her and after the first ten days of being on it we put her back in with the mares . And haven't had any problems sense the supplement is truly a life saver .
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46 of 47 people found the following testimonial helpful.
It Works
Posted By: GortToo (AUBURN, CA) Jun 23, 2008

We got the mare, Bliss, as a 7 year old. She had some ground work done and had been ridden a couple times. My wife took her over and worked with her extensively for the next two years. Erin said she was advanced level 3 on the ground, but riding not even level 1. She was good to work with on the ground, but riding she displayed a terrible temper. If ask to do something she didn’t want to do she didn’t hesitate to pin her ears, swing her head around, and bite the rider on the shin. You definitely didn’t want to try lateral flexation. My wife has scars on her shins to prove her behavior. One of the ways she would express her displeasure was to stomp her right hind foot hard. She could even kick the riders shoe when it was in the stirrup, Sometimes when she was ridden her behavior would be ok, she would give a good ride and seem to enjoy the experience. Other times it wasn’t pretty, her temper was extreme. She would balk and refuse to go, try to bite her rider or herself, and stomp her left hind foot. After two years of working with her my wife said no more, all that work and the horse wouldn’t even go down the trail. She is a beautiful Arabian mare and if we gave up on her, her prospects weren’t good so I took her over. I was more aggressive with her, she learned not to swing her head and bite me, but when prevented from biting her rider she would bite herself. After a few months I felt I had made no progress. Before getting rid of her we decided to have a through vet exam. She tested negative for an ovarian tumor and her hormones were normal. We considered regumate and spaying. I had an opportunity to get the opinion of an endurance rider friend who is a vet. She told me that she didn’t like to treat hormone problems with another hormone. She said that she had clients who had good results with herbal remedies. She recommended Moody Mare by Wendell’s Herbs. I got it from Valley Vet. I thought it made some difference. The problem with use of it was that it would cause a positive drug test and this would be a problem if I took her to an endurance ride. Valley Vet had another product called Mare Magic. The only ingredient in it was raspberry leaves and it wouldn’t give a positive drug test. I started her on that and within a week her behavior improved. It didn’t go away completely, but it became manageable and I was, for the first time, able to make progress with her. We had thought that it was possible that this mare was insane; she truly had mental problems, not problems with how she was handled or treated by people. She progressed to the point where I entered her in the American River endurance ride. It was a life changing event for her as she believed that doing the ride was more fun than a horse was supposed to have. She finished well and I had a very pleasant ride. Following the ride I wondered if it were really the raspberry leaves or did I finally just succeed with my training.
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60 of 62 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Affordable, quality and it JUST PLAIN WORKS
Posted By: Diva (HELENA, MT) May 11, 2008

No dramatic story here...just have a mare who really "lost it" when she cycled and could be brought into heat by GELDINGS (hello!!!). Obviously traveling with her to competitions was dreadful and heaven forbid if there was a stud on the grounds! I tried Mare Magic since it was the most affordable of the cycling supplements and I have nothing but praise for this product. She eats it with her grain without hesitation and can now stand next to my frinds stud horses without so much as a twitch. Her cycles also seem to be a lot easier on her and her outward symptoms are much less noticable. I don't have to dread heat cycles anymore!
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45 of 47 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Mare Magic for geldings too
Posted By: 1 4 Each (Chesterfield, VA) Sep 2, 2007

I have a friend who owns a mare and she told me about this product and how it "took the edge" off. In reading other testimonials, I noticed gelding owners had tried it too. Well, I have a gelding that has a lousy attitude, mostly because he has had to be kept stalled for long periods of time due to an injury. After consulting with my vet,I purchased the product and my horse has been on it for about 8 months now and the difference is night and day. He is no longer anxious, he's easier to handle and I was able to take him off precribed medication to keep him quiet so that his injury would heal. Great product!!
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47 of 49 people found the following testimonial helpful.
mare magic
Posted By: paintncrazy (KISSIMMEE, FL) Apr 20, 2007

We have an amazing little paint mare...she can win a 140 horse western pleasure class and then turn around and put in record-breaking times running poles (was 3rd in the nation last year in APHA!) But we were constantly apologizing for her hateful and evil behavior and worried that she would hurt someone. Finally a vet got really mad at us for her nastiness but I didnt want to do specific meds on her as it may make it hard to get her bred one day...On Mare Magic it wasnt a week and she was calming way down! I am so glad we found this stuff!!!! On show days we double up and she is a peaceful little winner now!!
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61 of 65 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Product!
Posted By: K. BASS (CHATTANOOGA, TN) Feb 19, 2007

I bought my mare in December. She was not a people person. She would run away from us, put of a fight getting on the trailer, and rip leads ropes out of our hands. I had a vet tell me that her hormones could be out of whack. So I ordered a bag of Mare Magic. We started giving her this product, and 2 weeks later, I have a different horse. She is easy to catch, she hasn't pulled away from us, and she eagerly hops right on the trailer. I was seriously considering getting rid of this mare. It seemed like no matter what, she always did something to make me mad. Since she has been on this product, she is a dream com true. I love her! I would definitely recommend this product.
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45 of 47 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Mare Magic Supplement
Posted By: K-Bar-C (Rio Linda, CA) Dec 20, 2006

I would recommend this product to anyone before they give up on their Mare!! Works fast, usually within one month. My mare was sooo sensitive. Just to touch her would send her into fits. She would bite, kick and threaten any male (including human) that went by her stall. After 2 months she settled down and now after 6 months she's a totally different horse. Give it a have nothing to lose!
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76 of 78 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Mellow mare still performs
Posted By: S. TENCZAR (Putnam, IL) Sep 13, 2006

After my daughter was doubled barreled by her 8 year old mare while she was hanging a fan in the mare's stall at a show this summer (large bruise and abrasion on my daughter's thigh, but no broken bone, thank God) we had to do something. We noticed a change after about 2 weeks. She's been on Mare Magic for 3 months now and has been so much calmer. Her career is barrel racing and pole bending. She enters the arena much more controlled than before Mare used to be "hold on kid, we're going", but now my daughter gets to decide when it's time for "full speed ahead!". She's more focused on her job and more responsive to the rider than she's ever been. I won't say she never gets cranky anymore, but she's at least 95% better than she was before Mare Magic.
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37 of 39 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Crazyhorse (HAMILTON, NJ) Aug 7, 2006

I cannot tell you how wonderful this product is. I have an 8 yr old thoroughbred mare who is very hot! I couldn't even give her a bath without her becoming an emotional wreck. I feel as if I have a different horse. She has always been sweet but now her actions and reactions are more inline. She doesn't spook as easily and is a pleasure to ride. I recommend it highly.
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215 of 229 people found the following testimonial helpful.
PART of the Solution
Posted By: AnniWitch (RAMONA, CA) Jun 2, 2006

I ride a 9 year old somewhat high-strung Missouri Foxtrotter mare who used to have serious issues with panic/bolting/rearing/you-name-it episodes. She has been my partner and best friend for 3 years now, and I spent the better part of the first 2 teaching her to slow down and control her actions when fear overtook her, and also learning to cope with my own fear and keep us both safe when she lost control of herself. I tried several products to calm her down, including B Vitamin compounds. I might as well have feed her a handful of Skittles. Somebody recommended Mare Magic and since the price was very reasonable and there seemed to be little potential for side effects, I felt I had nothing to loose and purchased a bag. I "loaded" her up with 2 scoops 2x daily for the first 10 days, then dropped back to 1 scoop daily. Here are the results of my experience with this product, which I have been using for the past 9 months or so: 1. Mare Magic DID NOT WORK IMMEDIATELY for my horse. As a matter of fact, it took between 8 and 12 weeks to really see any notable difference in her attitude and behavior. However, I hung in there to give it a fair trial period. 2. After the break-in period, I DID start to notice that she seemed less spooky and became much nicer to other people. Prior to Mare Magic, everyone who met her felt she was "stuck-up" and unfriendly towards them, (ok, I admit that she was!) and even my own family members noted that she now greets them kindly now as opposed to how she behaved before I began the product. 3. This spring was the first time I had a chance to see how Mare Magic directly affects her heavy estrus cycles because I started the product in the fall of last year. Although she has still been a bit moody and sulky at times, this is the first year she has not lashed out irrationally at somebody. She never did that with me, but she DID do it to others. Raspberry Leaf is supposed to tone the uterus and possibly make estrus less uncomfortable for the mare, and it does seem to do that for her. 4. Inexpensive. One bag lasts a horse 2 months. 5. Mare Magic is natural, smells good and is easy to administer. I put it in with her rice bran but she (and all my other horses) will eat it directly out of hand. 6. Can be given to all of your horses, including geldings. We have a gelding who can be very stubborn and beligerent sometimes, but his attitude has also been "softened" since I began lacing his afternoon goodies with Mare Magic! Now, on to what Mare Magic DID NOT do for my horse(s): * It did not work miracles and it did not work overnight. Although my mare's attitude and disposition have definitely improved over a long period of time with this product, she still has issues that must be addressed with patience, love and very consistent handling and training. * It did not turn my horse from a flighty, panicky beast into a "dead broke" horse. 3 years of DAILY training and interaction.
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50 of 54 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent Product
Posted By: buckskinappnc (WINSTON SALEM, NC) Apr 18, 2006

This is great! We have 2 mares who have very different personalities. After a couple of weeks of Mare Magic, we can actually ride them together on a trail ride without fussing. I would highly recommend this product to mare owners.
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104 of 105 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: ann (Buckhannon, WV) Dec 6, 2005

I have a 6 year old mare that I had been training since the age of 3. She would be Stable Mabel one day and a Freakshow the next for no apparent reason. I tried every bit of training advice given to me with no luck. Then, I tried Mare Magic. Within 3 days, you could tell a difference in the field (she was much calmer and gentler). Under saddle, she is much more focused and less flighty. Riding her is now a pleasure instead of a Night"Mare".
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189 of 192 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Desert Horse (LIVERMORE, CA) Nov 28, 2005

I've always been skeptical about these products and have tried several on the market with no success. I have owned my mare for 8 years and she is VERY sensitive, has intense cycles to the point where she would try and put herself through fences, and has extreme separation anxiety from an older mare she considers her "mother". I even started avoiding riding her with my husband on trail because she would have a complete meltdown when she was separated from the older mare (bucking, crow hopping, etc). We even nicknamed her the "pocket rocket". After using this product for six weeks I rode again with my husband, let him canter off and leave us, and rejoined him while riding my mare on a loose rein. I never thought it possible. Love my mare and this product!
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120 of 122 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent Product!
Posted By: Miniminds (Marshall, VA) Apr 10, 2005

We have a mare that I was beginning to think was not right for us & maybe more than I could handle. She has been on Mare Magic for about 1 1/2 months now, and she is a new horse! Noticed a difference after only a couple weeks, so using it on our other one now too. Did not think something as simple as this product could do it, but it is all it says & more!
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