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One AC

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Amazingly effective
Posted By: Colorado Foothills (DENVER, CO) Nov 10, 2011

Just administered one dose once a day in early summer until the jar was empty, horse quickly began sweating well. I used this the previous summer, too. Fairly skeptical of OTC cures but I won't argue with success.
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ONE AC Works!
Posted By: HasBeen (Norman, OK) Nov 1, 2011

My horse was diagnosed with anhidrosis in July and exhibited the usual symptoms of panting, no sweating, distress and inability to work. I made videos of these symptoms for the vet to show him exactly what was going on. I was very concerned my horse would have heat stroke due to the very high temps this summer. He was put on ONE AC and it really helped. My horse also developed a serious eye infection that was fungal (then an abscess) and was in equine ICU and then the equine hospital. So much time passed since my horse began ONE AC 2x/ day until now. I called ONE AC and they said there were no side affects to treat a horse with anhidrosis year round and it was recommended. They said the dosage might be reduced to 1x/ day. I just began light work and my horse sweats properly at this time which is now fall on this dose, but I may go back to 2x/day if necessary. I hope ONE AC continues to work and I am so thankful for this product (and that my horse has the use of both eyes)!!!
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More Comfortable
Posted By: Eastern Jazz (Broad Run, VA) Sep 13, 2011

My mare has cushings and has gone through periods of not being able to cool herself. Her signs for needing OneAC are increased respiration to about 60+ breaths per minute with a normal body temperature and no sweating. Within 24 hours of using the OneAC my mare was much more comfortable with normal respiration.
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Fantastic results
Posted By: A. OVERMAN (PURVIS, MS) Aug 21, 2011

Years ago, my black tb mare stopped sweating shortly before delivering her first foal. She was miserable in my area's 90+ degree summers with 80+% humidity. A few years later, I found One AC. She never regained her ability to sweat 100%; but, the One AC worked well enough that she could return to light work in the summer and full work in the other seasons. Last year, her son suddenly developed anhidrosis. After about 2 months of completely dry coat with absolutely no sweating, I tried One AC on him. He was literally dripping with sweat 3 days later. I've been using it on him for a year, and he sweats normally. I made the mistake of running out once, and within a week he was completely dry coated (panting in his stall!). Once I got the new supply in, he was sweating normally within a few days. This stuff is an absolute life saver if your horse responds to it.
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Great for an insulin resistant horse!!
Posted By: haywoman (CENTERVILLE, TX) Oct 2, 2009

My Arabian gelding is insulin resistant - I found out last year after a series of tests to find out why he had so many abcesses and foundered for no reason. I have spent the last year giving him supplements, keeping founder shoes on him, starting him on a low starch feed, feeding him three times per day not two, no treats like apples or carrots but one afternoon last summer I went to feed him and he looked as if he had been running for miles but no sweating. His nostrils where flaring and I thought he was going to die. I ran cold water on him, gave him a G2 Gatorade (yes, I give him orange G2 Gatorade two times per day when it is really hot and humid-I live in Texas) and called my vet. He advised since his entire system was out of sink we needed to start him on OneAc twice a day-I did and OOOOO what a differance it has made for him. It has not happened again and he seems to sweat as a horse with a normal immune system. I was very pleased to see OneAc is available at Valley Vet.
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Friesian Sweating Again!
Posted By: LadyHorseWhisperer (DAVIDSON, NC) Nov 8, 2008

This July, we had a bout of unusually high humidity and summer heat for several consecutive days, with nights never dipping below 70 F. It was enough to overwhelm his system and cause my jet black Friesian gelding to stop sweating TOTALLY. He would pant, become very stiff and resistant to exercise of even the mildest order-very scary. Took 25 mins. to return to normal respiration even with constant cool water rinsing and scraping; a serious case of anhidrosis indeed. Tried different lagers to the amusement of staff, but to no effect. One AC did the trick after only the 2nd feeding!! Just don't know what I would have done without it! I continued feeding One AC daily until fall temps arrived and happy to report, he continues to sweat normally without it. However, to head off any future anhidrotic episodes, I plan to make One AC a part of his daily regimen BEFORE high heat and humidity returns next year. I am thrilled and so thankful for this miracle product.
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One AC
Posted By: Cowgirl (Lake Charles, LA) Sep 4, 2007

A black horse and the heat and humidity of SW Louisiana don't seem to mix. My 3-year old QH filly quit sweating in the middle on July and I panicked until fellow horsemen told me about One AC. After only a week and a half she started sweating, quit puffing and I was able to resume training. This product DEFINITELY lives up to the information given on the label. I will not "leave home without it".
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Posted By: L. KINSEY (IRVINGTON, AL) Sep 3, 2007

I live on the Gulf Coast and we are used to hot weather. This year the temperature topped 100 with high humidity. My Quarter Horse couldn't handle the heat and stopped sweating. He didn't have a drop of sweat on him and he wasn't able to cool. I had the OneAC shipped overnight and started him on it quickly. Within two days he began to sweat slightly and by seven days was normal. I hope that catching this quickly will prevent further problems in the future.
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Great product - what a relief for my mare
Posted By: barefootsaddles (WHISPER PNES, NC) Aug 12, 2007

This is the first time I am writing a testimonial but I wanted to share my information. My Morgan mare (I event) was moved from VT to NC last year. We had no problem with anhydrosis last summer but she stopped sweating in July of this year. She became totally lethargic and just looked plain ill. With her it almost happend 'over night'. We were out on a trail ride and that day she just didn't sweat at all. Temperatures then sored into the 100s here during the last 10 days so I quit riding her altogether. She has been on the ONE AC 5 weeks now. I rode her the first time today in 2 weeks and she was sweating well on her chest and a little on her neck after an easy hack. Great improvment to being completely dry. I have read a lot about anhydrosis and I think it also helps a lot to give them complete rest while starting them on ONE AC. It seemed my mare was just so exhausted with her system being out of 'wack' and not being able to cool. I am still taking it easy until temperatures get a bit cooler. I am glad this product worked - shipping her back up North was just not an option since I really didn't want to sell this great mare! E-mail if you have any questions (contact info is on my website:
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One AC ~ Great Product!!!
Posted By: wanabskt (CEDAR RAPIDS, IA) Sep 8, 2006

I have a black mare who was diagnosed with anhidrosis (inability to sweat) so you can imagine how overheated this poor horse got in hot, humid weather. In the summer heat, her coat would remain dry, she would pant, her body temperature would soar, and so did her heart rate. She was at great risk for heat stroke. Although, she is only 4-years old she had no tolerance for exercise in hot weather. I started her on One AC in March before the weather turned hot. After three weeks, she went back into training and she SWEAT! I was thrilled, although not completely convinced, because she had been able to sweat during workouts in cool weather. I kept her on One AC into the summer with great results. She sweat in hot, humid weather, as well. One AC has made such a difference for us. She can now be ridden in hot weather, and she is much more comfortable even when she is just grazing in the pasture on hot, summer days. I highly recommend this product. Valley Vet makes it so easy because they provide free shipping of this product and the shipping has been extremely fast. I am a very happy customer!
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One AC
Posted By: Toby822 (Baldwin, NY) May 19, 2006

My Hunter/Jumper suffers from anhydrous (inability to sweat) and would pant like crazy after a workout. He has been on One AC for five weeks and he is now sweating on his neck and under the tack!! He blows normally after a workout and I am not worried that he is in any danger of heat stroke!! One AC is a GREAT product!! My vet recommended it and I do too!! It does take a good 4 weeks to start working, but IT DOES WORK!!
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Great Product
Posted By: diesel (Boca Raton, FL) Sep 28, 2005

This summer my performance horse stopped sweating. I tried other products and remedies and nothing worked. When I put him on the One AC, after about two weeks he started to sweat between his legs and under his mane. Within two months he is sweating on his chest and under all his tack. He is still not sweating 100%, but a huge improvement from being absolutely dry. This product has helped my continue riding during the summer.
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