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Simple Hoof Boots

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Simple Hoof Boots Cavallo Horse And Rider
28 of 29 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Boots!
Posted By: nuts about barefoot (BENTONVILLE, AR) Oct 4, 2011

Just wanted to add my experience w/these boots to the other great reviews - My horse has been barefoot 6+ yrs. I have used 2 other types of boots for him and these are the easiest to put on and leave on. He wore them a full week w/o gaiters and no rubs!!! I put them on for protection because he tore a good sized piece of hoof wall off a front foot. While he was growing it out, these boots provided support for the unattached sole and great protection for his heels. I used the pads and could see from the wear on them that he was landing heel first for the first time since he went barefoot. This helped him get so much more comfortable, he was walking on gravel w/o flinching (no rider). It was easy to see that the boots helped him gain some heel growth and sole toughness. I intend to boot him all the way around as soon as I can afford them. By the way, these are priced very reasonably compared to other boots on the market.
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27 of 28 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Heather D (Oxford, CT) Jun 1, 2011

These are the best boots ever!!!! Don't waste your money on any other pair of boots but Cavallo boots! I went on an 8 hour trail ride galloping through water, mud, and rocks and these boots were fantastic!! I absolutely love them!!!
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39 of 39 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great boots!
Posted By: Paso Fino lover (DADE CITY, FL) Jan 9, 2011

My Paso Fino gelding has been barefoot for the last year and he has very thin soles. My natural horse trimmer suggested Easyboot Epics and I tried them for several months before finally giving up on them. First of all, they were very hard to slip onto the hoof because they do not open up all the way and my horse has long toes. Secondly, the wires that you have to tighten are very difficult as well. Lastly, and most importantly, they wouldn't stay on! The last time one of them fell off, I had them on as tight as I could get them. I was at a lope when the boot fell off and then ripped the gator but the gator kept it attached, which was worse because everytime he came down, he hit the attached boot and hurt his tendon. I then did a lot of research and bought the simple boot. I was immediately happy with how easy they were to put on......they open up completely so that they slip right on. It literally takes me less than 15 seconds to put on one boot. The inner velcro makes it very easy to close although I have to say that I'm not real pleased with the two narrow velcro straps on the outside....I really wish they would have used buckles instead. The first time I used them this summer in the wet grass, the velcro filled with weeds and then became completely detached and were flopping around (although I'm pretty sure the boot would stay on without them anyway). I took them to a leather shop and the repairman told me that he put stronger velcro on them. I don't know if that helped or not because I haven't ridden him in wet weeds since then. I have ridden him several times, though, and they have never rubbed him at all and he is very comfortable wearing them. The real test was a soccer game that I had him in just yesterday. He was running, turning on a dime, stopping quickly, zigging and zagging, etc. The boots were awesome! I haven't had a chance to try the boots in mud or water yet, but I will update when I have!
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24 of 24 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Durable, versatile boots
Posted By: TB Rider (RAVENSDALE, WA) Oct 22, 2010

Each of my three horses has a pair of Simple boots. One pair is three years old and has held up great through various horses and heavy riding. I also used these boots on my horse when he had an abscess to encourage him to move around. He felt so much better with the boot on that he walked around and the abscess ruptured out the bottom of his hoof. They work great! On my original boots some of the velcro straps came off, but the new ones seem to be more durable. Highly recommended! When you calculate how long the boots last, they are much cheaper than shoes!
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15 of 15 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Simple Boot
Posted By: Liz W (GREEN RIDGE, MO) May 13, 2010

These boots are very easy to use and stay on very well, my horse does not mind wearing them and after a few times of putting them on will even push his foot into the boot once its started. I wish they came in small sizes also, I bought another brand for my mini and they do not stay on near as well as the Simple Boot. Well worth the money.
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35 of 35 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Cavallo Boots helped me
Posted By: Pegasus55Lady (GOLDEN, CO) Mar 18, 2009

I have had the Cavallo boots for about 4 months. I did have to purchase the wrap so it did not rub my horses bulbs but once I began using those as well, I have found that they are working great. My horse has very thin soles and I haven't been able to keep him barefoot for years and even then I'd have to place pads on his feet. I have been able to keep Skippy barefoot this winter and use the boots when I go riding. Skippy is very agressive with his feet so I have been very impressed that this easy to use boot hasn't ever come off. He is feeling so good with the boots that he has actually been bucking on occasion. Got to love horses!
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61 of 62 people found the following testimonial helpful.
simples as one, two, three
Posted By: Schmusse_katze (WARRENSBURG, MO) Oct 14, 2008

This is the third kind of boot I have tried. The first one was the Easy Boot – not so easy. Plus they had worn thru on the front in 2 weeks. Then I tried the boa boot. Easy, but could not get it to fit proper. At last I arrived at the Cavallo Simple boot. The name says it all. I did follow the advice of one of the testimonials and ordered them a size smaller than the chart said. It took me a 5th of the time to put on then it took for the Easy boot. Now I will take him out on the road with the buggy and we are back in business.
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65 of 66 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Boot
Posted By: PaulaH (LOS LUNAS, NM) Sep 28, 2008

I purchased these boots for my newly-barefoot 10 year old gelding. Talk about simple to put on -- these boots can't be beat. I used the sizing chart to determine my gelding was a size 3. Initially, the boots seemed too large and wiggled on his feet. But with the addition of the Gel Pad inserts and the pastern wraps, the boots fit perfectly. Just make sure you get the boot straps nice and snug. My gelding doesn't even seem to notice they are on his feet. These boots help make the transition to barefoot easier on both me and my horse. Be advised, the gel pads are for temporary use only. They have a very short life. It would be nice if Cavallo made a pad insert that was a bit more durable.
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56 of 56 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Love this product
Posted By: NLR (DILLSBORO, IN) Sep 25, 2008

The day I got these, I got them on very easily, and warmed up and slowly loped about to get my horse used to them. then I tried to lose them. I galloped, did lead changes, I went over hills and through drainage ditches, went through the manure pile, jumped,and did rollbacks. and I couldn't lose them. They are wonderful they get much better traction on blacktop then regular shoes, and my horses are not at all ouchy on the gravel while wearing them, and they stayed on both of my horses one has oval shaped, petiete hoofs, and the other flatter round hoofs, and they atayed on both of them. I would recommend these to anyone, weather for just incase you lose a shoe, or if you don't want to shoe your barefoot horse that just trail rides occasionaly.
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52 of 52 people found the following testimonial helpful.
simple boots
Posted By: flicker (PROVIDENCE, UT) Aug 24, 2008

I'm in my second year of using the simple boot. I use them on both of my trail horses and have had no problems with them coming off under any conditions. They are easy to use and quick to put on. My only complaint is that they are very expensive considering I am only getting about forty hours of use out of them before they are worn through the front edge. It would be helpful if we could get a 'bulk' discount!
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106 of 106 people found the following testimonial helpful.
cavallo boots on the trail
Posted By: siskyou mt. rider (WILLIAMS, OR) Jun 13, 2008

My horse had thin hoof walls and the nails would become lose on her rear shoes. So, in October of 2007 I had her shoes removed and started using boots. I had purchased Easyboot Epics for the rear and Cavallo for the front from local stores. The first ride out the gator tore off the Epic and left the boot at the bottom of the hill. On another ride the steel cable broke so, I purchased Cavallo boots for the rear too. Not, only are they very easy to put on and take off, they have stayed on up and down rocky steep grades through mud and creeks. This mare's hooves are looking so much better that my farrier says to not put steel shoes on her. The only thing I found and, also,all the people that I've encouraged to buy them is to go a size smaller then the measurement chart indicates. Happy trails!
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64 of 64 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Simply Amazing!
Posted By: pkeye (FRESNO, CA) Dec 28, 2007

This was my first experience with boots for my gelding who is transitioning to barefoot. I purchased this style due to the "simple" design. First time out of the box, fit perfect and my horse was happy! I use them every ride, walk, trot, canter, in the arena and on the lunge line, and have not experienced a single problem. I also bought the gaiters, but don't use them. I highly recommend these boots.
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148 of 148 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Simple boots are simply wonderful !
Posted By: Dakota's Mom (ELKRIDGE, MD) Nov 5, 2007

I purchased these boots 2 weeks ago. I was skeptical because I had never used hoof boots before and the 2 people at my barn that used boots used different ones. First of all, this is an Appaloosa who has been bare-foot for 2 years without any problems. But we recently moved from a barn where the trails were either dirt or grass. Where we are now has more challenging trails with rocky areas. I did my research on-line and these boots seemed to be the ones for my horse. I first tried them on over plastic, in case they needed to get returned, so they would be clean. They fit fine without turning on his hoof. I let him walk around in them. He did some high-stepping at first then settled right in. When I took them off several hours later, his hooves, pasterns, coronet band etc., looked fine. So next day I went for a ride for 2 hours. To get to the trails we have to go down a gravel road. He has always stepped very gingerly down that road, trying to stay on the narrow, grassy edges. I always felt sorry and let him do that, but this time I forced him to the middle and at first he was tentative, but after he realized it didn't hurt, he just marched right down that road without flinching. We went up and down hills, over rocks and through fallen trees and all kinds of underbrush. He just bulldozed right through. Hooves again looked fine when I removed the boots. I haven’t had a chance to try them in mud or through water, but as tightly as hard as the Velcro is to remove, I don’t think it will be a problem. I am very satisfied with these boots. I plan to order the pastern wraps, simply because winter is coming and I think they may offer a little protection from snow and ice around the pastern area.
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65 of 67 people found the following testimonial helpful.
cavallo boot
Posted By: zena555 (LACONIA, NH) Oct 10, 2007

awesome boots, easy to put on, easy to clean. stay on thru mud, water, my horse loved them! highly recommended
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39 of 45 people found the following testimonial helpful.
love the boots
Posted By: S. BAKER (HICKORY, NC) Oct 8, 2007

i bout these to use for trail ridding for my mares back hooves since i do not shoe her in the back. so i got theme and they fit great and do not rub and help her a lot with the rocks on the trail.
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135 of 136 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great except for the velcro
Posted By: Colorado_horses (HOTCHKISS, CO) May 28, 2007

I have been using a pair of these a couple months now, 60-80 miles of wear. The are wearing great, don't come off even in bad clay mud conditions and haven't rubbed the horse at all. Then I rode in cheatgrass, the Velcro fills with seed heads in no time at all and no longer fastens correctly. I'd assume that other seeds and junk may pose the same problem.
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144 of 145 people found the following testimonial helpful.
So Simple
Posted By: GregM (PINE MOUNTAIN, GA) Feb 20, 2007

Just used these this weekend for the first time and they worked great! My Paso Fino gelding has always been a little ouchy on gravel and when we unloaded in a gravel lot at a trailhead known as "very rocky" it was time to try them on. I had never had any boot (or shoe) on him before and these were so simple to put on we were done before he knew it. He was little tentative at first, but settled in before we set out and they worked great. Stayed on at a corto (trot speed) and through rocks and mud, one other horse lost both front boots in rocks and finished barefoot. We finished without a problem and checked him carefully for rubbing or soreness after and found none. Great product, very easy to use!
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101 of 102 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Everything you expect in a hoof boot
Posted By: twhmum (SEABROOK, TX) Oct 16, 2006

Easy to put on, very easy to clean (even sticky mud just washes right off), overall a very well made product. Especially like that they are vented. I used to have Boa Boots, but the design of this product is superior. Currently using a set to keep hoof medication in place.
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120 of 122 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Simple Boot
Posted By: apache (KOKOMO, IN) Aug 26, 2006

The Cavallo Simple Boot is truly easy to put on and remove. I have been using this boot for 2 months on my horses and I am getting ready to order a second pair. They have been great for the trail and as a transition to going barefoot after pulling shoes in June.
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