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Product Testimonials
The Deluxe Horse Grazing Muzzle

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46 of 47 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Product
Posted By: MN Sorting Gal (COKATO, MN) May 15, 2011

I purchased this muzzle for our mini the spring of 2010. She adjusted to it quite quickly. And since I always put a treat in it when we put it on, she is always willing to put her nose in it. After about a day, the mini had figured out how to position her head so that she could still graze while out in the pasture with the horses. This is a great aid in managing weight. This was the first summer she didn't become obese on the pasture. She wears it everyday she is out on the pasture, for about 10 hours per day. After a whole summer of use, it was still in great condition. It should hold up for another 3 years under the same work conditions. The mini size fits well on our 37 inch miniature horse. It is very adjustable which makes it easy to get a custom fit. I will be purchasing another for our pony we just acquired this spring.
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76 of 77 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Deluxe Grazing Muzzle
Posted By: Tawnie (SPRINGFIELD, OH) Feb 4, 2010

I have tried all the cheaper priced grazing muzzles and my mare eats through the flimsy rubber bottom. This Deluxe Grazing Muzzle(Best Freinds) got her through the spring & summer. So if you have an aggressive eater, don't waste your money on the cheaper brands. This muzzle really helps keep her weight down while enjoying grazing time with her herd.
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67 of 68 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Works great
Posted By: Michigan (MATTAWAN, MI) Aug 12, 2009

My 12 year old mare has had founder twice the last time being just this spring. She couldn't be out in the green pasture but my only other option was to either lock her in her stall all day or keep her all by her self in a small padock with no shelter. I heard about a grazing muzzle from a friend so I got the deluxe grazing muzzle. It is really well made. I used a suggestion that I read on here to put a treat in the muzzle and it worked really well. Now I just leave her in the stall to eat her hay for about 2 hours and then I put her muzzle on and let her out to pasture. It took her a while to get used to it but its worth it to have her out with the herd and know that she isn't getting too much grass.
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203 of 205 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Saved my horse's sanity
Posted By: KC (Guinda, CA) May 18, 2006

My mare developed laminitis & was not able to graze at all until we purchased this deluxe grazing muzzle. She is very herd bound, keeping her separated from her equine buddies would have been very stressful to her. As long as she wears this product, she is able to stay out all day on irrigated grass pasture without any signs of her founder getting worse. She does sometimes rub against the gate but has been unable to get the muzzle off. She has learned to thread grass through the hole & the rubber has started wearing off, making the hole larger (after 1 season of grazing) so I do have to buy another. The stitching on one of the halter straps is also coming undone. I, too, would wish that it would last longer or cost less, since it did not last as long as I had hoped. But there is nothing else that will allow her to be out with the herd & stay healthy, so I am pleased with the product.
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190 of 194 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Sasha (Mount Orab, OH) May 15, 2006

Since we have the luxury of large grassy fields with about 12-14 hours turn-out, we have 4 horses who wear muzzles. The two that wear this brand have no rub marks under the jaw and it is always found on. As opposed to the ones that attach the halter who almost always have it off and have rub marks. I feel this is the safest, kindest muzzle on the market. Just be sure it fits your horse as shown in the picture. All of our horse had no trouble learning to eat thru it. Two of them really hate it, two of them deal. : ) However, ALL of the horses love being able to be out in their herd instead of seclusion. One of our girls told us by breaking out of her diet pen to get to the herd. The next day, the owner bought her a muzzle.
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348 of 353 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great help in preventing founder
Posted By: M. LEWIS (LAKE ZURICH, IL) May 7, 2005

Our mare foundered on the spring grass 3 years ago, since then every year when the grass starts to turn, we put on the grazing muzzle, and she hasn't foundered since. We took our time getting her use to the muzzle. And each year we follow the same practice, we cut up each morning for about a week prior to when we think we're going to have to put the muzzle on everyday, an apple or carrot and put it in the bottom of the muzzle. Allow her to eat out of the muzzle and not apply the muzzle. So, once the day comes that we need to put on the muzzle everyday she is looking forward to it. The each morning we add the carrot/apple to the muzzle before we let her out for the day. In the 3 years, we've used the muzzle I've only had to replace it once. I am going to purchase another just to have on hand. Do not want to be without one. It really makes for a pleasant spring not to have to keep her off the pasture and away from everyone else. I really like it now that is comes with a breakaway buckle! Thanks for a great product!
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