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Easyboot Epic Hoof Boot

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Easyboot Epic Hoof Boot EasyCare
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24 of 24 people found the following testimonial helpful.
easy boot epics
Posted By: rfle (NORMAN, AR) Aug 27, 2010

I highly recommend these boots. We have been using easy boot epics for about four years now. The first two that we purchased have finally worn out. The toes ground down so that there is a hole in the front sole. I still use the worn out boots for sole abscesses/bruises in the pasture. One horse wore his for a week while a sole abscess hole filled in. I took them off and checked them every day and no problems. The fitting can be difficult at first. Ask a friend who has some to try them on your horses to get a rough idea of what size they might be. Size them after your horse has a trim. They should be difficult to get on but not impossible. The top of the boot usually rides about 1/2 inch below the coronary band. There is no problem with rubbing on the heel. You may get some wear in the hoof wall where the metal grabs contact the hoof. The buckles and wires take a while to learn, especialy when replacing them. It's worth the trouble. I like them for young horses that don't get ridden enough to warrant shoes and whos feet are still growing. If you get the pads, get the thin ones. They don't disrupt the fit like the thick ones do. One of our horses keeps hers on all the time no matter what, but the other two of our horses need the gaiters due to overstepping. Plus, if we lose one on a long trail ride over rocks, it is a bad deal.
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16 of 18 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Truly the
Posted By: Ksherrard (PLEASANT HILL, MO) Aug 4, 2010

I purchased the Easyboot Epics after pulling my QH mare's shoes. I received them today and went straight out to try them on her. These boots were very easy to get on and I only had to make a minor adjustment to the cable length before they fit properly! Super easy to apply, stayed in place once they were on and fastened securely. She wore them in the pasture for 5 hours and when I called her into the barn, she came in running as fast as she could! I took the boots off and no rubbing whatsoever! Now, the boots were definitely harder to remove but nothing a screwdriver couldn't handle! The true test of these boots will be at the end of the month when we travel to WY to ride in the Tetons and Yellowstone! I'm looking forward to the ride and not having to worry about losing a shoe or bruised soles!
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34 of 35 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Can't beat em'
Posted By: MajicPrince (VASSAR, MI) Oct 22, 2009

I own two sets of Easyboot Epic. One set is going on 4 years old and the other 2 years old. I always say, "I should be doing a commercial about these boots"! The are indestructable!!! I use them on both my horses, one is a Tennesse Walker and the other an Appendix Quarter Horse. The Quarter horse has fairly poor feet prone to abcesses, adding the nails necessary to hold on shoes only make his feet worse. So instead I keep him barefoot and use the Easyboots whenever we head out on the rough surfaces. The Tennesee Walker has stronger feet but I use them on him if we will be on rocks or stones. I take these boots through, mud, rocks, water, sand, at all gaits on both horses, sometimes all those surfaces in one ride. I have NEVER had a boot come off yet. Both pairs are still useable and I intend to continue to use them until they fall apart, if they ever do!!! And they also work fine for schooling in the ring if you happen to need them for that purpose. The first few times you put these boots on your horse, you will find it difficult, but just keep using them and they will loosen up and become easier to use. Keep your hoof pick handy and it becomes easy and routine. I give this product a BIG FIVE STARS!!!
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29 of 40 people found the following testimonial helpful.
easy? boot
Posted By: Schmusse_katze (WARRENSBURG, MO) Aug 12, 2008

While the idea of the boot is awesome, the cable system is not. It is a little frustrating to loosen and tighten the cables. The bugle is in the way and if your horse has an overreach, they get messed up. So here is what I will do different – next time - : 1.get a farrier that is familiar with sizing boots and does the natural hoof 2. file down the ruff edges every time you put the boot on. (they get caught on the hardware when you put them on) 3. make sure you are wearing your chore close when you put them on. You most like likely have to change them after fighting the foot into the boot. 4. have your hoof pick handy to help you pull the cable over the bugle. 5. if your horse has an overreach, use bell boots. Get them 2 sizes bigger than what you normally use. 6. Enjoy the work of your labor your horse will thank you for it! :)
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106 of 106 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Epic is Easy to use
Posted By: Lusitano (VACAVILLE, CA) Oct 14, 2007

I bought 4 Easy boot Epics when my new horse proved terrified of having his feet held by anyone other than me. After trying regular easy boots, I was very worried the Epics would also be difficult to get on and off. I'm a disabled rider and have a difficult time just bending over to clean my horses feet!

Eight months later, I am still using the same set of epic boots and have found them extremely fast and easy to take on and off without any pulling or gadgets. My horse loves them and is slowly gettign used to having his feet handled, so I could eventually put shoes on him if I wished to. However, his feet have grown in strong and healthy and he no longer needs metal shoes!

I ride in varied terrain up to five hours several times a week and am perfectly happy with the Epic boots. I also am unable to get on and off my horse without a ramp or stairs. If I lost a boot, I'd be completely stranded! The Epics have stayed on in mud, water, and deep footing with no worries... leaving me free to take long rides.

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82 of 82 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great boot once you get the hang of it
Posted By: Boobearzoo (WEST NYACK, NY) Oct 5, 2007

well....I really did NOT want to like these boots since they are a bit harder to put on than the Boa and cavallos BUT no comparison! I did a 10 mile hunter pace and my horse was super happy!!! EVEN jumped! SOOOOO foro the extra 30 seconds it may take to put on until your used to them......hold tight, it is worth it!
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110 of 116 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Easy Boot Epic
Posted By: j. anderson (SEQUIM, WA) Nov 22, 2006

I bought a pair of the easy boot epics. The boot itself is wonderful and would highly recommend them. I have a mare with very thin walls and shoeing her was a problem with hot nails. Easy boot apparently had a problem with the buckles on their epic and I did receive the bad buckles. After the third ride the buckle ate the cables in half. Duct tape does keep the boot on incase this happens to you. I did complete the ride and the boots did stay on. The new pull strap is a plus, really helps putting your boots on. Other than Easyboot should have pulled the boots and fixed the buckles before shipping out to customers, they would have happier clients and replacing the cables is not as easy as they make out. But I do highly recommend the boot.
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144 of 144 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Awesome for barefoot horses!
Posted By: joharder (N FT MYERS, FL) Nov 14, 2006

Whether you're transitioning a horse from shoes to barefoot or have a barefoot horse that needs a bit of a barrier from rocks, EasyBoot Epics are awesome! I tried the regular EasyBoots and they occasionally fell off, but the Epics have never fallen off. The first time you put them on, plan for at least 15-20 minutes because it takes some extra time for you to figure out a good process and the right tightness. After you get the hang of it, it will take you less than 5 minutes. You may also want to try the pads. For about the first 10 steps, your horse will be moving strangely, but after that, movement will be as normal; total adjustment time for the horse is about 1 minute!
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