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BioFit Correction Saddle Pad

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BioFit Correction Saddle Pad Classic Equine
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41 of 42 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Biofit Fits
Posted By: Quincys Buddy (RICHMOND, TX) Jul 8, 2012

I've tried for a couple years to find the right saddle/pad combination for my (now) 5-year-old Paint gelding. He's not ridden enough so he's fat and lacks muscle in his shoulders, and has changed as he grows. I bought a Dakota roper full quarter horse bars saddle (rather than pay for a custom saddle), which fits his back, but is too wide at the withers. A semi-quarter horse saddle is too narrow on the back. The FQH saddle rode up in the back as it tipped down at the withers, and continually slid forward and also rolled easily. I tried Tacky Two pads, Cashel pads, gel pads, and neoprene girths. Finally tried this BioFit pad. Solved all the problems! The saddle rides level, doesn't slide forward, and doesn't even roll (it applies lateral pressure on the withers that was lacking). I can't say this would work for every horse, but if you have similar problems, I highly recommend you try it. The felt is not as soft and flexible as the other $160 3/4-inch Classic Equine pad sold by Valley Vet (that my QH mare loves)(the bottom layer is soft, the top layer is stiff apparently for better wear resistance), but it is dense and seems of high quality, and should last for years. Like most felts, it wicks well. All pads should have this contour and withers cut-out. My Paint and I are happy!
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46 of 47 people found the following testimonial helpful.
BioFit correction pad
Posted By: Ariele (LA PORTE, IN) Aug 3, 2011

Brilliant design!!My guy has high withers with a depression behind. I was trying to correct saddle fit with shims. Then decided to try this.MUCH better. Because he also has HUGE shoulders, I do have to position the pad further back,so take this into consideration if fitting a horse like this. The smaller size (30x30) is perfect. Well worth the $.Seems to be wearing well;the cut out along the spine fits well,no binding.
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38 of 39 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Frees up the shoulder wonderfully
Posted By: Susan in MN (LAKEVILLE, MN) May 3, 2011

I purchased this pad to use on my younger gelding, who is still growing and filling out after being taken from a neglect situation. This allowed me to use an existing saddle that tipped down a bit (too wide) in front rather than go through the trouble of trying to find a perfectly fitting saddle for a "moving target." It fills in the depression behind his shoulders without altering the fit through the rest of the saddle. No hard edges around the insert either, so it is comfortable. I've been using this pad for about a month. I do use a soft, thin wool blanket underneath to prevent rubs from the wither "hole" in the pad. It's worked wonderfully. The difference in his movement is amazing. His shoulder is unrestricted, allowing him a longer, softer stride. He rounds his back more and is able to move more freely. Hopefully in time, this depression behind the shoulder will fill in with muscle, but in the meantime this is a great alternative. Would recommend for someone with similar fit issues or as a resource for someone who rides several horses in one saddle. I would NOT recommend for someone whose saddle is too narrow. While it is a great product, it won't fix that. I wish they made an English version too!
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49 of 51 people found the following testimonial helpful.
I don't know how I ever did without this pad!
Posted By: Dawn (SURPRISE, AZ) Oct 2, 2010

I ordered the BioFit Pad by Classic Equine last May, and have used it all through the summer. And I have to say that of all the pads that I have used throughout the years (and that is 50 years of horse ownership!) this one ranks as the absolute best. Although my horse is an Arabian, which are usually known for round backs and "mutton" or at least moderate withers, my little guy has withers that would make a Thoroughbred proud, a prominent backbone on top of a long back that tends to sag or "sway", and a pear-shaped belly. Needless to say, my prized Circle Y saddle with a semi-Quarter Horse tree was not a good fit for him. But the BioFit Pad has honestly remedied that problem. The inserts are in just the right spot over the shoulders, the contour shape of the pad fits his back perfectly, and the sweat pattern beneath is perfect, even after a long ride in the Arizona desert. As far as I am concerned, this is the last pad (or brand/type of pad) that I will ever use.
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32 of 34 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great for and horse
Posted By: K. MEYER (VIVIAN, LA) Jun 1, 2010

I love this saddle pad. Any horse that has high withers or has a saddle that sits down on the withers this pad is a must!!! I bought one and the same day my sister tried it on her horse, leaving me without a saddle pad until the next one came in. For the best performance I recommend the biofit correction pad.
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28 of 31 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Loved this pad
Posted By: R. PARKS (HOLLYWOOD, CA) May 23, 2010

Can't say anthing more than I love this pad. My Old mare who is still barrel racing needed a pad that needed a bit of padding. When I got this pad i loved it more than any other pad that i have on my saddle rack. I have a bunch of them. Just love the pad think its the best thing on the market.
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43 of 44 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Finally a Pad that works and fits well!
Posted By: COS (CINCINNATI, OH) May 14, 2010

My 19 year old thoroughbred is on the smaller side and has no top line and lack of muscle. This pad arrived today and I was so excited when I opened and saw how very well made it was and couldn't wait to try it out. I noticed immediately my saddle sat better on his back and was not falling back. I love the overall cut of the pad, and how it molds to his back. Before this one I would use a pad and then fold an extra indian blanket under the front of the saddle for more lift Other pads I have purchased and spent too much on didn't do what the claimed to do. The placement and thickness of your padding is right on the money! Thanks for carrying this item it was well worth the money and I would highly recommend it.
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57 of 59 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Love this saddle pad!
Posted By: Brandenberg (JOHNSONVILLE, NY) Apr 13, 2010

I have a 20 year old Appaloosa that is losing muscle tone around his withers. Because of of this, his saddle has been placing pressure on his withers and spine. This pad is amazing! It lifts the front of the saddle off his withers, back to where it should be , and an added bonus, it takes the pressure off of his spine. I couldn't be anymore happy with this pad. I see a huge difference in his attitude from the time I girth him, ride him and untack him. I would highly recommend this pad.
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36 of 36 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Saddle Pad
Posted By: KM (BELLE PLAINE, IA) Nov 21, 2009

Bought this saddle pad and LOVE it. This is the cheapest place on the net to buy this pad and they also give you FREE shipping, which is even better. An awesome pad at a great price, Classic Equine speaks for itself in quality. Would buy another if I had too.
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74 of 75 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Pad On The Market
Posted By: KL (SUNFIELD, MI) Jun 10, 2009

I have spent hundreds of dollars on saddle pads and this is the first one that works for my high withered horse. I can't say enough about this pad, I am buying another one! Well worth every penny, great pad for the price! I have searched long and hard for a pad like this.
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