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EasySoaker EasyCare
As low as $28.90   
25 of 25 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: SS Stable (MONROVIA, MD) Sep 8, 2010

This boot is my one of our favorite things! We have used other soaking boots, but this boot is better for several reasons. First, there are no raised areas on the inside of this boot (unlike competitors). This allows for better comfort for a variety of hoof shapes (we have also used comfort pads at times for further padding on soem horses and circumstances). The material is heavier, plus the sole is more durable and has traction. This boot actually FITS - so our horses can walk around in the boot while soaking or wearing a poultice and it helps to open abscesses faster than traditional soaking. One of our rescued horses has convex hooves and he bruises/abscess frequently. We used to do the traditional soaking, diapering, etc. Our farrier lent us another brand of soaking boot that was helpful, but not as good as the Easysoakers. We initially bought a boot 2+ sizes larger so we could use it on our other horses. It was large enough that we could actually put it over a diapered hoof to protect the dressing on smaller hooves. Eventually, we bought smaller sizes of Easysoakers. We discovered that we can actually use a more fitted boot to hold the poultice in place after soaking - it is quick, easy and more effective! Not having the bulky diaper (with a different type of boot on the other hoof to even out the height) encourages the horse to walk around and increases circulation and speeds the process. It is also easier to remove, check, refresh and continue treatment as necessary than traditional dressings. Finally, these boots stay on if you go with a size close to the hoof size. We have an ornery gelding who not only likes to remove things from other horses, but he is not tolerant of boots, dressings, etc on himself. He actually kept the Easysoaker on! The boots run a bit on the small side considering they are "soakers", but we are grateful to have the option of having the closer fit for certain applications. For farms with several horses with different size hooves, comfort pads can be used to fill up some of the space to tighten the fit somewhat.
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16 of 18 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best Value
Posted By: W. Barberino (Northford, CT) Jul 24, 2010

This is by far one of the most valuable items I have ever purchased. I bought my boot 2 sizes larger and have used it on 2 horses with different sized feet. Even if it is a little large it's still easier than keeping a foot in a rubber tub!
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I Love the Easysoaker!
Posted By: P. FOURNIER (HAM LAKE, MN) Apr 9, 2008

I can't say enough about this product! I ordered two sizes up and I'm so glad that I did. Putting the boot on and taking it off was so EASY! No more backaches repositioning the bucket. No more frustration getting my horse to keep his foot in the bucket. No more overturned buckets wasting it's contents. I love the Easysoaker!
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56 of 57 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: sunsup (JAMESTOWN, TN) Sep 7, 2007

I agree with everything Jo stated. This boot is a must for any horse owner. Sooner or later you're going to need it. DO get at least one size larger. I got a size larger and it is still a tight fit.
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150 of 151 people found the following testimonial helpful.
This is a MUST HAVE item!
Posted By: joharder (N FT MYERS, FL) Jul 20, 2006

If you've ever played the "let's see if we can keep your foot in the bucket for more than 30 seconds" game for an Epsom salt soak, you must get an EasySoaker boot. It goes on in just a few seconds and stays on so you can get a good, long soak without wasting any time. Getting the EasySoaker off can be a bit of a challenge if you get exactly the size recommended. Go at least one or two sizes larger so that getting it off is a snap. With the nylon strap and velcro, there's no such thing as too big. My big Thoroughbred wears a Size 2 shoe, and I have him in an XL EasySoaker, and my mare is a Size 1, and I have a Large for her. Keeping an EasySoaker around for each of your horses will save you a lot of time and frustration when an abscess flares up!
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