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Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care

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Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care Vetericyn
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16 of 16 people found the following testimonial helpful.
I will NEVER be without this in my barn or home
Posted By: LORI (WOODLAND, PA) May 2, 2013

This is seriously the best stuff I have ever used. I'm not easily impressed yet over and over this stuff impresses me. I am a huge fan. With 4 german shepherds, 4 cats, and 4 horses, someone is always getting into something and ends up hurt. I have a rescue horse that has serious issues in his back legs with some sort of oozing fungus and serious heat on both back legs. He was obviously in pain and the heat from them was quite intense...this stuff started healing it the day after. I use it once a day and in 4 days the crusty oozing stopped and you could see where it started healing and the hair was coming back. I love the gel version as its been pulling the heat out of the rash and healing it at the same time. The horse is obviously relieved. I used it on several deep cuts on him near his hooves where it looks like he got tangled into something that cut in really deep, in 3 days they were significantly healed up. OH one more thing, I like that I can spray it pretty far away on this horse, as I didn't know if he would kick, the bottle sprayer helped me get into some tight places from far away. Also used it to heal a cat who kept pulling out her staples, in a week the wound had closed after trying to staple her twice to close the wound, didn't work. I use it on my dogs, horses, even us! In a day you see a difference...AMAZING. You only need this at your barn. It maybe expensive but it is worth its weight in gold if IT WORKS! I loved it so much I bought the people version of it, puracyn, even though we used vetricyn before we knew it existed...
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17 of 17 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Vetericyn Wound & Infection Care a Must for Every First Aid Kit
Posted By: C. ROBERTS (LAFAYETTE, IN) Sep 29, 2012

We have had 2 horses with serious puncture wounds that abscessed and had to be opened and drained. (separate's been a long summer:)) One was on the upper leg and the other was a neck wound. The open wounds were impossible to cover and keeping them clean and fly free was a real challenge. I used Vetricyn Wound and Infection Care spray 2-3 times a day (after flushing the wounds). In a matter of days, the wounds were showing healthy tissue growth. It seemed to act as a barrier to discourage flies and dirt. After only 3 weeks, both horses were sound to ride. After about 6 weeks, you can hardly tell where the injury regrowth has been amazing with no scarring or proud flesh. I am at a boarding /lesson facility and someone is always getting scrapped, kicked, cut, bug bites, hot spots, girth rubs, etc and Vetricyn has become the first line of defense. The price may be a little higher, but in the long run it is more cost effective because healing times (& treatment time) is much shorter. This product is a must for every tack room and trailer.
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40 of 40 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent Product!
Posted By: 5 HORSES (MONROE, NC) Sep 30, 2011

This will always be in our tack room AND our home! Not a recommendation by the company, but we use this on the horses, the dogs, cats, and yes even ourselves....all with excellent results. It really does heal quickly, and it's cool and soothing.
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52 of 58 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Incredible Product
Posted By: NV Mustang Pride (RENO, NV) Jan 30, 2011

I used this on an external oral abscess on my horse. After only 4 days of spraying it on the wound approximately every 6 hours, it went from 2 inches and openly oozing to about 1/2" and scabbed over virtually overnight. If I had known this was going to work so well I would have taken pictures as proof. I wouldn't believe it could work as well or fast as it did if I hadn't seen it myself. I am a lifelong user of Vetericyn and recommend it to everyone!
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51 of 52 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best stuff ever!
Posted By: K. PARK (LK HAVASU CTY, AZ) Jul 28, 2010

I have a mare that ended up with urine burns on her hips. She laid in her pee and it got very bad. My vet prescribed vetricyn and it helped so much! Although I could not afford the $50 dollars for a 16 oz bottle that I went through every week. I'm so thankful I found it on here because my mares sides still need some help. I ordered the gel to see how that works. But I reccomend this stuff for everyone. I even used it on myself with a few bad cuts that I got and it healed way faster than it would using antibiotic ointment. This stuff is great and well worth the money.
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82 of 83 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Farm girl (PICKRELL, NE) Jun 18, 2010

Vetericyn is an amazing product. Rain rot, skin scurf stuff, hoof protection, tick bits, cuts...we've used it for anything and everything on our horses and dogs. The healing starts immediately. We use it on ourselves as well. I've had sunspots on my face for years that no otc face cream ever touched and within a week of spraying Vetericyn on my face at night before going to bed the spots began to clear up. I continue to use it every night and the spots are virtually non existant. Works great on sunburn too, should've blistered and peeled but didn't. I highly recommend this stuff. I wouldn't be w/o it on our farm now.
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108 of 112 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Yes it works.
Posted By: BNM (ARTESIA, NM) May 25, 2010

After suffering a very severe burn from spilled boiling water my daughter was in a lot of pain. I had recently used Vetericyn on my horse, with satisfactory results, and seen quite a bit about it on RFDTV so I suggested she try it. Her burn looked absolutely awful and was really hurting, she needed some relief desperately. She sprayed the liquid on it several times Friday and has applied the gel since the morning. It quit hurting Friday, the huge deep sores and scabs are healing and there is fesh pink skin showing now, and best of all the pain did not come back. I have never written a review and wouldn't have now if I wasn't a believer. It's expensive, but it works. I will keep a bottle of the liquid and the gel in the house from now on. There is nothing more painful than a burn, in my opinion, and I hope this helps someone avoid the pain my daughter went through in the days immediately following her accident, before she tried it.
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80 of 85 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Good product
Posted By: Ksfarmer (ELLIS, KS) Jan 16, 2010

I used this product on two serious looking wounds and it is wonderful. Within days the wound started healing and it didnt take very much of the product to completely heal the wounds. Highly recommended!
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