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Cold Flex Compression Wrap

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3 of 3 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: LORI (WOODLAND, PA) May 2, 2013

I bought one of these to have on hand "just in case" for the horses....well ended up needed it for the hubby. We had a brush fire and my husband tried to put it out, caught his coat on fire and burned his arm pretty bad. He refused to go to the ER because he was embarrassed. Well the only thing I had was this, so I wrapped his arm up in it and it decreased the pain IMMEDIATELY. I know that is not what it was for but it worked wonders, 4 days on his arm and he not only had no pain after the 1st day, the horrid burns, after using this for about a week, left 2 tiny scars, that it. Every day I was impressed with the healing!! I love that these are reusable to but NO DOT PUT IN FREEZER, just add a bit of water in the jar an tuck it back in, wait a bit for it to rehydrate and reuse. For the horses, I just got a rescue saddlebred with swollen legs due to injuries and a strange skin condition that is finally healing up. I put these on his back legs and it was obvious he was more comfortable and it really helped cool the heat and pull it away...totally amazing. I just ordered 2 more. I will NOT be without this in my 5 stall barn or home! Outstanding product!
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Worth It!
Posted By: Tanya Waxhaw (WAXHAW, NC) Aug 20, 2011

This is a great product. Just DO NOT FREEZE IT!!! It transports easily in a cooler when traveling- keep it with your drinks. It conforms like a polo to the leg, hock, knee. I usually will wrap over the end of it to ensure it truly will stay in place. After multiple uses it will need something to hold the end while on. You'll get quite a few uses out of it before needing to purchase another one. overall it's a lot easier than ice packs and boots and keeps much easier on trips as well.
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Posted By: plumhorsecrazy (Exeter, CA) Jun 26, 2011

I just can't say enough good things about this amazing product! I attended the western states horse expo june 2011 and Valley Vet had a vendors booth, the rep gave me a sample of cold flex to try. My son-in-law attended the expo with me and only 1 week prior had bruised his shin and bruised the heck out of his calf muscles, he was barely hobling around the expo. We immediately wrapped the cold flex around his affected leg and he was able to walk right away almost completely pain free with NO limp! And it lasted ALL day! I've used it myself for a twisted ankle and put it on my 10 yr old grandson when he smacked his elbow on the pavement. Everytime I use it it's amazing how well it works! yes, I have used it for my horses and they tolerated the wrap with ease and I loved how well it stays in place on their legs! One of my mares is an Off-the-track TB and has an old injury to her front leg and it occasionally swells. It's almost impossable to medicate her because she spits everything out and liniment never gets rid of the swelling. But cold flex did!! like I said amazing amazing product! I'm ordering more (couple for the herd and at least one for us!) additionally I am ordering some for sister and mother that have chronic pain problems!
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