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LaminaSaver (Restaurex) Equine Supplement

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22 of 22 people found the following testimonial helpful.
LaminaSaver Right Decision
Posted By: Faith (Roseburg, OR) Jul 3, 2012

We have a quarter horse that was rescued and developed what the Vet thought was laminitis. He had 30 degree rotation on the xray and he told my daughter that he was certain the horse had had this condition before and he was concerned the coffin bone would go through the floor of the hoof. He gave us 25% survival rate and sent us home with Bute and stall rest and dry hay instructions. We did that for two weeks. I read about Laminasaver on Valley Vet and decided we should try it because of the great reviews. We started him on the Laminasaver and I called Figuerola labs and they recommended the Inflamasaver to be taken with the Laminasaver. I ordered it and within 3 days of starting the Inflamasaver, we saw a HUGE difference in our horse for the better. On bute his heart rate was 40 to 44. After the Inflammasaver and Laminasaver it was consistently 32 and he looked more alert and started moving more and we weaned him off of the bute. After three weeks from the initial vet visit,and a farrier visit there was little hoof growth. Now, two and one half months later he has a grazing muzzle and gets limited pasture time and moves easily in the small pasture. We continue to give him the Laminasaver. There is healthy hoof growth and he continues to improve.
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20 of 21 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: TN WALKER (MOSCOW, TN) Apr 21, 2012

I have 2 tn walking horses with equine metabolic syndrome and recurrent laminitis. Having tried everything including acupuncture, transfer factor, chiropractor, numerous antiinflammatory products someone finally told me about LaminaSaver and it has changed my horses lifes. Their hoofs are so much thicker on the bottom due to reduced inflammation, the rotation has corrected on x-ray. I keep them on it year round at varying doses due to the seasonal risk for their laminitis. I don't know what it in the LaminaSaver but it is magical.
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25 of 26 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Hope for Laminitis
Posted By: Golden Score (LANCASTER, SC) May 15, 2011

I used Laminasaver after a friend suggested it. My QH gelding, Golden Score, foundered in Sept 2009. He was 15 years old at the time. X-rays showed he had 12% rotation on the right front hoof and 7% on the left. He abscessed on both and spent about 4 months in and out of pain with bute and banamine, etc. After the abscesses had drained out, I began to administer Laminasaver in Jan 2010. Within the third week, the hooves had begin to show significant regrowth even so much as creating a deep demarcation over the old hoof. He never had a seedy toe. The abscess holes began to dry up and harden and the hoof was shiny. He was not lame after this process began and has not been lame since. It is now May 2011. He has never had another abscess or shown signs of soreness. Digital x-rays were taken in Jan 2011 and no rotation is evident. He is being trimmed every six weeks and is wearing acrylic sole supports because our pastures have rocks, etc. He wears a muzzle during spring,summer and fall and I feed a low carb grain in small amounts. He is also on thyroid medication. Despite all these precautions, the hoof regrowth, realignment of the coffin bone and soundness, I believe is a result of the Laminasaver. This horse has never had a relapse and I hope that Figuerola would test this product at a major university center in order to reach conclusive evidence of its benefits. I will give it to my horse for the rest of his life; it is a miracle.
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20 of 20 people found the following testimonial helpful.
I really did not beleive it!!!
Posted By: New Lease on life! (ELLICOTT CITY, MD) Nov 1, 2010

Well i must admit that i'm really shocked!! I have treated many horses with laminitis, and never found a product like this. I recently rescued a little donkey that was abandoned and his feet had not been done for a really long time i have never seen feet this bad before in person only in pictures. I had my farrier out for his first trim and he never even had a flat surface to stand on, he was really soar and also had foundered in the past. I started using lamina saver, (seven) days ago and he is walking much better and with out giving bute. I think this product is simply amazing and look forward to seeing more results in the near future. I'm not easily sold on products but this one is really showing lots of promise! Sincerely Glenda and dandy!!!
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19 of 20 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: WyBoots (WHEATLAND, WY) Jul 11, 2010

My beloved Misty, (Headmans Mountain Mystery) foundered this spring. Even after locking my horses up all day and letting them out evenings it happened to her so fast it made me sick! I went in search of a natural product, although I have the best farrier in the world and he has helped other of my horses out I didnt want to go shoes if I didnt have to. Misty was rotated under 7 degrees on one front and just 1 degree on the other. she had also foundered on both rear feet. She was miserable and so was I. I read on many products and decided on this one after reading the too good to be true testamonials. Well... I thought I would write the first that it dont work and dont waste your money since the cost is horrible~ But after the 90 day feed through which I gave in unsweeted apple sauce twice a day in a syring like a de-wormer....960 cc syring with end cut off) my horse is walking around and bucking and kicking like a 2 year old filly~! She is currently 9 and a reg.TWH, IT REALLY DOES WORK!' My farrier is natural trimming her to what her X-rays says she needs but she is bare foot and and moving like before she foundered. Its expensive. Way much so. But guess the people know what they have and can charge for it. I am going to keep my mare on this even though its going to make me get a second job! Boots in Wheatland Wyoming!
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20 of 21 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Truly Miraculous Results - Saved My Horse!
Posted By: Shannon (HOUSTON, TX) May 10, 2010

Rafiq, my now-19yo gelding, severely foundered about a year ago in all four feet, eventually shedding most of his right front hoof due to severe abscessing. THE SITUATION: When Rafiq first came up lame, he could not place any weight on his right front foot. He was diagnosed with Cushing's and Insulin-Resistance (I asked for these tests specifically), in addition to the laminitis. He had NEVER foundered previously. Due to the severity, Rafiq basically needed around the clock care, so I moved him into a top-notch Equine Hospital and we began a long road to recovery. His right foot abscessed so badly that his coffin bone was visible. WHAT WORKED: A surgeon at the Hospital suggested a cast, so we began casting Rafiq's right foot (other foot in Soft-Ride boot). No one expected him to survive, but Rafiq was always positive, always eager and willing, so we didn't give up. I joined the Cushing's-IR support group on Yahoo groups (a most valuable group for information!), and I bought LaminaSaver. I spoke with the veterinarian who did the independent trials on LaminaSaver several years back (published in The Horse Journal), and she said best results were found at DOUBLE THE LOADING DOSE. So that is what I put Rafiq on, in addition to other medications he needed daily. Durasol and ichtammal (scrubbed on the coronary band with a toothbrush) were applied daily, along with NSAIDs and GastroGuard. A diet of hay only (soaked in water for 30 minutes before feeding to minimize starches and sugars) treated the insulin resistance, while Pergolide treated the Cushing's. RECOVERY: It took 9 mths for me to be able to bring him home, but he is home now. I am continuing the LaminaSaver probably for the rest of Rafiq's life (they have a product for after the acute period of the first 3 mths that is a bit easier on the checkbook!). We are still using the ichtammol on the coronary band and Durasol daily, and he is confined to a stall with a walk-out pen for a couple more months. He is sound at the walk, but a previous injury to a ligament will always interfere with being sound enough to ride. His hooves are growing well, his right hoof is strong and growing at a healthy rate. LaminaSaver made a HUGE difference in growing healthy hoof with healthy connective tissues.
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25 of 26 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Laminitis Free
Posted By: S. MEADOWS (ABILENE, KS) Jul 20, 2009

My then 9 year old mare was severely over weight and finally was pushed over the edge when she came down with laminitis and eventually foundered. The rotation was in both front feet, her left more severe than her right. This was May 2007. She was on Bute for 5 months! By September she was walking with little short strides, and still suffering from the pain. I asked my Vet about LaminaSaver. We decided to try it. What harm could it do?! My mare was started on this supplement on Septmber 3rd. We went on vacation the middle of October for a week, and when I returned I could immediately see a difference in her gate!!! I also changed my farrier in Feb 2008. I was very lucky to find a farrier who specializes in rehabilition. He also specializes in "bare foot" trimming. Immediately after this farrier finished her FIRST TRIM, I again could see a vast improvement in her gate. No pain!!! I also made some adjustments (per the farrier's suggestions) to her hay (prairie NOT BROME) and decreased her oats to ONLY 1/4 CUP TWICE PER DAY. Within 3 months she has lost almost 200 lbs. I was able to start riding her again in April 2008. With these adjustments in her feeding, new farrier and adding the supplement she has been laminitis free for almost 2 years!!! I would recommend this product to everyone!!!! It is well worth the cost.
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22 of 23 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Lamina Saver
Posted By: Bioniclily (CANNON FALLS, MN) May 17, 2009

Before I bought this product I read the testimonials and was hoping and praying the same result would turn out for my horse, and sure enough it did. We have gone thru one bag and the horse is walking normally, you would never know he had foundered if you didn't see it for your own eyes. Thankyou to the others that posted you have made me and my horse really, really happy. Happy Trails Bioniclily
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31 of 33 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Saving Grace
Posted By: KCF (Seabeck, WA) May 10, 2008

Lamina Saver is the wonder product of the century. I don't know how it works or why it works, but IT WORKS! My quarterhorse mare has recurring episodes of laminitis (due to an old injury, not feeding), and it has saved her many times. Both my vet and my farrier are still scratching their heads as to how it has healed her so quickly, but I am just thankful that it does. I always double the loading dose to 4 scoops as soon as she exhibits any sign of discomfort, and within 24 hours, the improvement is absolutely amazing. I don't use the product on a daily basis, but use it on an as-needed basis, usually for about two weeks until I am sure she is out of danger. It is good to keep on-hand for just such emergencies. It stores well, and has a long shelflife. It is a bit pricey, but it has kept my now-24-year-old horse comfortable, sound, and RIDEABLE for over ten years. I highly recommend it.
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31 of 31 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wow, I am totally impressed!!!!
Posted By: Joan P. (ALTA LOMA, CA) May 2, 2008

My miniature horse was not doing well on her bute only. She would lay around almost all day and nicker to me which broke my heart. I had another horse founder a few years ago and sure wish this stuff had been available then because I would have invested in stock on it. It is such a miracle supplement. Let me just tell you that my miniature has only been on this for 2 days. She had been barely walking and I had her locked in her stall, deep in shavings. She longed to come out of her stall and would cry out to me. Tonight, I opened up her door and she ran out bucking and just as happy as could be. My big horse came after her, but Snickers ran like HA HA Bella you cannot get me! It was such a happy site to see. And, my husband was even impressed. He had come down to the barn a few nights ago wondering if we would have to put Snickers down. Well, not after this. I am going to keep her on this for sure. I am so glad you came up with this product because it truly is a miracle! I would highly recommend this to anyone with a foundered horse or pony. It will give them a new lease on life
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36 of 36 people found the following testimonial helpful.
saved my horse
Posted By: angiegirl (FORT MYERS, FL) Feb 8, 2008

My horse had a very bad case of Whileline disease. His front right hoof had to be resected almost up to the coronary band. Within 2 months, my horse grew an inch and a half of healthy beautiful hoof. Simply amazing, and highly recommended. Thank-you LaminaSaver.
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50 of 50 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Lamina Saver
Posted By: M. CATLEDGE (FREDERICK, CO) Jan 28, 2008

Lamina Saver is amazing. We have a 23 year old AQHA mare that foundered a couple of years ago. She pulled through, but was always very sore and when she walked, she just shuffled along, obviously still in pain. Also, she was diagnosed as being diabetic, and due to this was constantly getting hoof abscesses, making her already sore feet even sorer. We found Lamina Saver and decided that with what had already been spent on vet bills and therapeutic shoeing, this expense was nothing. Within two months (one shoeing cycle) of being on Lamina Saver the farrier noticed a huge difference in her hoof quality, and she was no longer walking like she was on eggshells. She has now been on Lamina Saver a little over a year now and is currently sound enough for light riding. Originally, we thought she could never be ridden again. Also, she hasn't had one abscess since she has been on Lamina Saver. Her hooves has completely grown out and the telltale laminitis/founder rings on her hooves have disappeared. This stuff is amazing. In addition to the AQHA mare, we started our 3 year old APHA mare on Lamina Saver 3 months ago. She didn't founder or have laminitis, but she developed a quarter/sand crack that stared at the coronet band and went down. Bacteria set up house within the crack and eventually ate her hoof away, causing the hoof wall to seperate and the hoof wall to fall off just below the coronet band. From the time the crack developed until the infection happened and hoof wall fell off was only about 10 days. It happened so fast. She was extremely lame. Literally three-legged lame! We got the infection under control and also started her on Lamina Saver. She has been on it 3 months now and her hoof has grown halfway out already and she is sound despite the fact that she is still missing half of her hoof wall. Lamina Saver works not only in laminits/founder cases, but also as a great hoof supplement for horses that need to grow a strong, healthy hoof.
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40 of 40 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: S. MORDJA (Gold Beach, OR) Nov 29, 2007

This stuff is AMAZING!!! I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on my mare trying to find out why she is crippled. She has been nuclear scanned, has had full body x-rays (multiple times,) has been put on special shoes and pads (and has gone through three farriers), is on special feed, glucosamine & chondroitin, bute, has been given prescribed stall rest time & turn out time, has been in foam stalls & sand stalls AND the list goes on and on. I decided to give this supplement a try due to the reviews on this site and was really hesitant because it is so expensive and I am HORSE POOR!!! Anyhow... it is the best thing I have ever done!!! Fancy is still slightly lame on her front feet but she is running, bucking, kicking, playing for the first time in THREE YEARS!!! I dunno why it works, I just know it does... I hope that if anyone is thinking about putting their horse down due to lameness, they try this first.
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39 of 39 people found the following testimonial helpful.
It really helped my mare
Posted By: MollysMom (RED LION, PA) Sep 25, 2007

My mare has had a problem with her front feet for two years. After two rounds of x-rays, numerous vet visits, and special shoes with pads, all we knew was that there was a problem in the soft tissue of her hooves. She was so uncomfortable we seriously considered putting her down. She was having trouble walking and turns were really painful. With some hesitation, I decided to try LaminaSaver. Let's face it - it is expensive, but after all I had already spent, I thought I should try one more thing. She has been on the LaminaSaver for six weeks now, and I am amazed. While I still don't feel she is sound enough to ride, she runs, bucks, and rears in the pasture like a colt. I don't know what else to attribute her improvement to except the LaminaSaver. I am hoping with continued use she will again be able to enjoy trail rides.
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62 of 63 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: N. WATERS (BENTON CITY, WA) Feb 7, 2007

I have an 18 year old trail horse that tends to get over weight and under used often. I could tell this winter that he was having a touch of laminitis flare up. He was a tender foot in the front feet one worse than the other. His limp was awful. There wasn't a whole lot I could do. There has been a little rotation from a past flare up so I was very careful this year to try and catch it before any more damage could take place. I read about Laminasaver and thought since I have tried everything else and nothing really helped him that I'd give the product a try. On the third day of being on Laminasaver he was walking without any limp at all and on day 5 he braved a little lope and a big buck. He is clearly feeling good in the feet! Nothing has giving me the results I am getting from Laminasaver. I can't wait to get him on the trail again and from the way he's moving it looks like that will be very soon! I will keep him on a maintenance dose from now on. I recommend this product. Laminsaver is worth every penny.
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65 of 65 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Give LaminaSaver a try
Posted By: K. Brockish (Saint Marys, KS) Jan 23, 2007

I have an 8 yr. old pony that founder about three years ago, and since then I have had several vets and several farriers that didn't have any answers for me. I have spent a fortune on him and he'd be better for a short time and then he'd take a turn for the worse...and it wasn't a change of any one thing. I just could not believe there wasn't anything that could help this pony. I did a lot of reading on different products and decided to try Lamina Saver. Gee!!! You'd never know it is the same pony and he has only been on it for six weeks. My farrier came the other day and he was amazed the way his hooves looked, he just couldn't believe the difference. I have two other horses that decided he was a pain to them and they were bossing him out of the feed bunk and ect. My Paint tried shoving him last week and his ears went back and he didn't move a muscle, he bit her a couple times and stood his ground...she left the barn. He's not 100% but he is has only been on it six weeks and already he is so much improved that I just ordered 3 lbs. of Lamina Saver today. If you have a founder pony or horse, give Lamina Saver a's a lot cheaper than anything that I tired for three years and much better results!!!!
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79 of 79 people found the following testimonial helpful.
A Miracle!
Posted By: Nip's Mom (MONROE, MI) Jan 13, 2007

For years I've spent this time of year trying to decide if I should have my insulin resistant mini stallion put down. Loaded with bute and every other supplement he still went downhill fast when fall approached. Thanks to a woman from the Turning Pointe Donkey Rescue, I was steered to Lamina Saver. In six weeks my mini has gone from a candidate for euthanasia to a crazy happy, sound,nut case off bute and back on pasture. You almost need a chair and a whip to go into his paddock! :) What a great product!!!!!! The cost is NOTHING compared to the results! I can now look forward to getting up in the morning and seeing a normal, sound, vigorous little horse!!
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76 of 78 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Morgans (PRESCOTT, AZ) Dec 27, 2006

My Morgan mare had foundered several times. Her last episode was really bad and I didn't know if I'd ever be able to ride her again. Her coffin bone had rotated and she was in allot of pain. After researching Laminasaver on the Internet I decided to try it. I called Figuerola Labs and discussed my horse's situation with them. They suggested I use LaminaSaver in conjunction with InflammaSaver. Within about 2 weeks I noticed my mare seemed to be moving around more and much more comfortable. Her progress improved each day. I've had her on LaminaSaver now for about 2 years (maintenance dose). My vet and two farriers are amazed with the results. It is like she has new feet. I'm able to take her trail riding for hours and even lope her. She is completely sound. The mare has not had another episode with founder since she has been on LaminaSaver. I plan to keep her on a maintenance dose for the rest of her life --- the results have been tremendous.
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136 of 139 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Lamina Saver was the catalyst for my horse's recovery
Posted By: bodiesinbalance (Ben Lomond, CA) Aug 14, 2006

I had my FEI dressage horse on lay-up from a devastating coffin injury and he foundered on the last week of the initial lay-up. My vet was clearly near suggesting we end his struggle after developing air pockets and significant rotation in both front feet when a friend gave me a jar of Lamina Saver. It had been too late for her horse, but she suggested I try with mine. The turnaround was dramatic - he went from taking 5 minutes to cross the yard at a painful creep to passaging and leaping like a colt in just 2-3 days - I cut his dosage in half as he felt better than he had lamina to support! With the help of Lamina Saver and good supportive vet and physical therapy care, he has returned to upper level dressage work as a very happy guy. He stays on a small maintenance dose as a preventive measure. I had the opportunity to get digital radiographs done a year later and the reviewing vet could not belive he had foundered - no rotation, no air, no evidence of that awful episode.
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181 of 205 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wonderful results!
Posted By: foxtrottin' trails (ROMANCE, AR) Apr 20, 2006

Two of our 17 year old trail horses foundered a year ago December and one was so bad that 2 vets said he would probably have to be put down because of pain. He is my husbands horse that we has had since he was 6 months old so we decided to try everything. I saw Laminasaver in the catalog and ordered the 1# first and he seemed better and we could tell wasn't hurting so much so I bought the 3# one and it made so much difference! We had our horse shoer trim his feet every 6 weeks and watched what he ate. April of this year he is BACK ON THE TRAIL!! Our horse shoer was amazed and so are our friends and riding buddies. Both vets we had taken him to are just shaking their heads because x-rays showed his coffin bones had rotated on both front feet. He doesn't even have seedy toe. We are so thankful for his recovery and owe it all to Laminasaver & our horse shoer who put 1 set of medicated pads on him and kept him trimmed all these months. I highly recommend this product!
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239 of 245 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Vipper (LOWDEN, IA) Dec 20, 2005

I started using this product 2 months ago on a Paso Fino. He had foundered 3 1/2 years ago and after changing his diet, trimming feet every 5 weeks and a multitude of different supplements he was still lame. He had areas of dead hoof, stiff in the back and front legs, and unhealthy looking frog. I decided after all the money I had spent on this horse, that the cost of Laminasaver was minor so worth a try. I put him on a loading dose of 1 1/2 scopes 2 times per day. By the morning of the forth day he was moving freely and picking up his feet when walking instead of shuffling. I then dropped him down to 1 scoop 2 times per day and 3 months later he is still doing wonderful with healthy looking frog and hooves. I am sold.
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238 of 246 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Lamina saver
Posted By: morganhorses4 (THOMPSON, PA) Jun 5, 2005

I have been using lamina saver for 2 years on a foundered stallion. Our vet said he would never be sound. I can tell you this product has profoundly changed the outcome on my horse. At the time of his founder, our vet said he would only be a breeding stallion and not to get my hopes up! I read about this product and decided to give it a try. He is totally sound since he has been taking this product. No recurrences of founder. My blacksmith and veterinarian are totally amazed and now recommend it to their other customers with founder problems.I will forever keep him on this product! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
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