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Derma GeL Animal Skin Care Tube Dispenser

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Derma GeL Animal Skin Care Tube Dispenser Veterinus
 Original Swiss Formula
7 of 7 people found the following testimonial helpful.
great product
Posted By: Momosdad (Bronx, NY) Oct 9, 2011

This product also works well for dogs. Another vizsla owner told us about Derma Gel after using it to treat a wound her dog had sustained. She shows her dog, and while scars aren't disqualifying elements for working dogs like ours, it was important that the hair grew back in the original golden-rust color. It did. Our oldest dog had a fluid-filled lump about the size of a dime on his neck from our younger dog grabbing the same spot when they wrestled. Draining the lump did nothing, a topical antibiotic did nothing -- Derma Gel dried out the lump and made it entirely disappear within 72hrs. Our pointer pup had a small fluid lump appear above one of his eyes; again, antibiotics and topical steroids did nothing. Derma Gel made the lump disappear within a week. I always have two on-hand.
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16 of 17 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Absolutely Amazing!!
Posted By: blueyedwolf87 (Conyers, GA) Mar 1, 2010

My husband and I got out to our old boarding barn one evening to find our gelding in between the two pasture areas. When we walked up to our gelding he was just standing there not moving and thats when we saw the gashes. There were 3 gashes going across his chest and a major one on his hind left leg almost down to the bone. I don't know what had happened but it appeared that he went through the barb wire fence. I had purchased Derma Gel from the review on it before this incident and we tried it for the first time then. I was absolutely amazed at how well these gashes healed as well that the hair grew back and that it grew back the natural color!!! I recommend this now to everyone I know that owns horses and I always have a bottle handy myself just in case!
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13 of 13 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: S. Upton (CARRSVILLE, VA) Sep 6, 2009

I found this product 6 years ago, my Appaloosa mare escaped from the pasture and was hit by a tractor trailer. She had major damage to her left rear end, hide tore loose from left shoulder and behind left knee. The wound on her butt was the size of a cantalope and was 3 to 4 inches deep. The vets were surprised she was alive and had no internal injuries. They said it would be a least 5 months before her rear end would heal. My husband and I started using the Derma-Gel we started seeing a difference in the first week. To make a long story short her butt healed up in 3 months and the shoulder and knee was completely healed in a month. We were amazed. Since then I have had several diferent injuries some envolving stitches some that couldn't be stitched, everytime I use the Derma-gel and the wound heals up with mild scaring, no proud flesh and the hair useually comes back to same color except on Appaloosa's they usually have white hairs come back in. I keep this product on hand at all times because you never know when you will need it.
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11 of 12 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Don't leave home without it!!!!
Posted By: crittercrew (LANSFORD, ND) Apr 28, 2009

My corgi Lilly was attacked by a much larger dog while we were out on a walk. Lilly was torn up from head to toe and had deep gaping wounds in her abdomen and hind legs. You could even see the bone. My Vet suggested using Derma gel on her wounds as he did not want some of them bandaged to allow drainage. I have to admit I was sceptical at first but he convinced me to give it a try. Lilly did not fuss when the gel was applied and has not bothered the wounds. She is healing amazingly fast as well. There are only three holes left that I need to apply the gel to now and they are much smaller than when we started. As far as I am concerned, Derma gel is a must have item in any k-9 first aid kit and I will not leave home without it!
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8 of 9 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great Product!
Posted By: VLadyinRed (LAKEWOOD RCH, FL) Dec 16, 2008

Our dog had a large chemical burn on his back, all the way down, about an inch thick of no hair, when he came home from the field trainer. By the time he got home there was already proud flesh, sunburn, it was very dried out, and he had been that way for a month. After reading the reviews on this board, I ordered derma gel and applied it daily for several months. It has taken a few bottles, but his back is almost healed and the hair is coming in the correct color. I attribute it all to the derma gel, what a fantastic product! It stays on, doesn't run, and doesn't smell or burn. I took him to several vets, none of them thought that he would heal enough to be a show dog, but they were wrong!
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19 of 19 people found the following testimonial helpful.
excellent product
Posted By: Plumasgal (GREENVILLE, CA) Aug 28, 2008

My horse had a freak accident requiring 50+ stitches in her neck and 2 surgeries. Basically the entire side of her neck was laid open, the only thing not damaged was the jugular vein. They call her the miracle horse for living. This is the product I used on the wound. No one can believe how well it healed, and it healed over a month earlier than predicted. There was about a 4" gap where there was nothing to stitch together and yet it closed nicely, the hair 99% original color. The wound was 4" deep and the nice thing about this stuff is that I could squirt it down into the gaps thru the stitches and it's gentle enough not to irritate the tender deep tissues. For a bad wound I recommend using Derma-Gel along with twice a day saline flushes as suggested on the Derma-Gel container. Once I applied this you could see the granular tissue plump up and start healing immediately. I passed my extra bottle on to a friend who had a bad hock wound that wouldn't close in spite of constant doctoring and she reported that it began to close immediately after using this stuff, and that the proud flesh began to subside. I haven't seen that for myself, but I don't doubt it after my own experience with it.
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11 of 11 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Buckhorn NM
Posted By: buckhornjean (BUCKHORN, NM) Aug 13, 2008

Derma-Gel is the best. On a Sat. morring went out to feed our 3 horses,and found our 3 yr old with her a hole in her chest. We rushed her to the vet. She had a 4in hole in her chest the Vet stitch around the the hole. The Vet had us using a Aerosol spray on her that went well for 3 day. A friend gave me some Derma-Gel to put on the wound it has healed the inside of the wound faster and keep the flys out of the wound. Our friend used it on his horse that had a Rattle Snake bite on his face.
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30 of 31 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Derma Gel is terrific!
Posted By: amosdog (FAYETTE, ME) Oct 25, 2007

I went out to feed my horses one evening and found my Arabian gelding limping badly, and blood running down his hind leg. At first I couldn't see where it was coming from, but when I lifted his tail I discovered a slash on the inside of his upper thigh, about 8 inches long, with a loose flap of skin above it about the width of my hand. I flushed it out carefully with the hose, then rinsed it with saline solution. The slice went clear through the hyde, but did not appear to have damaged the tissues underneath. I have no idea how he got cut, as a thorough inspection of the paddock turned up nothing to give me any clues. I had promised one of my 4-H members that she could take him to our annual three day 4-H Horse Camp, which was only about six weeks away. Now I was looking at a wound that would be impossible to bandage, and that was not in a good location to stitch, since it would constantly rub on the other leg. Besides, it looked as if he had done it that morning while I was away, as the flap of skin was already shrinking and pulling away from the edge of the wound, making it unlikely that the edges could be pulled together successfully. I figured the best I could hope for would be to try to keep it clean and keep the flies out of it, and hope the skin would eventually fill back in, as it looked like the flap would probably die and slough off. I went online looking for some product that might help it heal quicker in the hope of getting him healed enough that he could still go to horse camp. That's when I discovered Derma Gel. On the basis of what I read about its natural ingredients and abilities to speed healing and minimize scarring, I ordered a tube by overnight mail. When it arrived the next day, I flushed the would out again and then applied the Derma Gel, and repeated that treatment two or three times a day. During the first few days, the gel rinsed debris out of the wound, and it looked pretty gruesome. But I never did have any problems with infection or with flies bothering it, as the gel formed a protective coat over it. Within days, the tissues began looking clean and pink and healthy as the healing began. To my surprise, the hanging flap of skin stayed soft and viable, and gradually adhered back in place. By the time horse camp rolled around, all that was left of the wound was a thin little pink line. All my gelding has to show for the injury now is a faint line through his skin, with just a bit of a pucker at one end where the flap had stretched from rubbing on the other leg and wouldn't line up quite right. I would highly recommend this product to help wounds heal quickly and without complications.
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45 of 45 people found the following testimonial helpful.
This product is amazing
Posted By: B. RUTLAND (LAMPASAS, TX) Apr 27, 2007

My quarter horse mare had a 2" cut just above her heel bulb after pawing at some barbed wire. It was impossible to keep a bandage on it due to its location. Everytime she stepped and put weight on that leg, it would pull open. I needed something that I could leave without a bandage if at all possible and that is what drew me to this product. I followed the link from this site, read all of the manufacturer's directions and about their case studies and decided it was worth a try. After washing the wound daily with warm water out of a spray nozzle (stream setting), I then applied a generous amount of Derma-Gel. My husband and I could not believe how much better it seemed to get daily. In a matter of two weeks, you could definitely see the new skin closing the wound. There was never any proud flesh, it was just wash and apply. She was not stalled during this time, either. I am so glad I found this product.
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141 of 142 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Derma Gel
Posted By: S. WICKHAM (WRIGHT CITY, MO) Jul 9, 2005

WOW! My 20-year-old thoroughbred was acting like a 2 year old on Memorial Day when he fell and slammed all four legs through a metal fence panel. Although I was relieved to see him get up and start running again (I was sure he'd broken all 4 legs) there was blood flying everywhere. When I got him cleaned up most of the cuts were superficial except for one rear leg. It was swollen and had a 6" gash from just below the hock and about 1 inch to 1 1/2 inches wide with nothing to stitch. My vet said just keep it clean and use the antibiotic ointment with a pressure wrap. By the 3rd week of June, it just wasn't healing and proud flesh was forming in several areas. I just happened to be on this site looking for a few other things when I came across this posted review. Although the directions said no bandaging required I did anyway to try to contain the granulation above the skin line. One week later I see more improvement than I have in the last month, I can see new skin forming at the edges and the proud flesh is scabbing and and coming off each time I wash the area. It says to apply 3 or more times a day but with my schedule I'm lucky to do it 1 or 2 times a day. I'm telling everyone I know with horses about this product!!!
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117 of 119 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent Product
Posted By: tania_27_98 (ELDRED, PA) Jun 14, 2005

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product!! I will never be without this as a first aid item again!! I had a foal that had gotten hurt badly by a bear. His face had been torn from above his eyes down to his nose, exposing his skull. The vet did what he could to stitch him up, but due to swelling and necrotic tissue, there was an area about the size of my fist that was not closed, therefore, his skull was exposed. I used this product and it was amazing how well it worked. It was an area that obviously could not be bandaged, so I was worried about infection and was afraid of the area drying out. I had no reason to worry, it healed completely!! There was no proud flesh, the hair came back in the same color, and there was only a tiny little scar. I am just truly amazed by this product !!!!!
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