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JointSaver Equine (Regenerex-MP)

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JointSaver Equine (Regenerex-MP) Figuerola Labs
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4 of 5 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Absolutly the BEST!
Posted By: Nikki C. (LISBON, NH) Jan 9, 2011

I have tried several joint supplements for my Saddlebred over the years both with and without success. A few years ago (when he was 22) I found a winning combination by giving him Cosequin (at 6-8 scoops per day!), 10g MSM, and Grand HA. Needless to say, although it did work well, it was a VERY expensive protocol and I was thinking about trying injections rather than paying so much for his supplements. I kept up the regimine through one show season and then made a decision to try to find something else that fit into the budget a little bit better last spring. I settled on JointSaver because I liked what I saw for ingredients/levels and I had also seen excellent results using LaminaSaver on horses in the past. My horse responded wonderfully to JointSaver! He was much more fluid and comfortable than he was on the previous regimine. He was moving like he was 10 years younger! He had a rough year with a few unforseen injuries, but he came through them very well and I think that JointSaver had a lot to do with it! I look forward to competing in 2011 with my 24 year-old horse and thanks to JointSaver I am hoping it will be a great year!
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3 of 3 people found the following testimonial helpful.
The best joint supplement on the market!!!!!
Posted By: L. HERDER (CASTLE ROCK, CO) Jan 20, 2010

My 17 year old quarter horse, although young at heart, over the years began to develop some stiffness and soreness in his hips and knees. With all the creaking I decided to put him on some joint supplements to see if they worked. After trying some cheaper brands he had some slight improvements in his movement, so I began to research which brands would help him the most. Thank God for JointSaver!!!! After just two days the improvement was so miraculous that he acts like he's 8 years old again. Plus with it being pharmaceutical grade I can't ask for a higher quality product. I highly recommend this to anyone with an older horse in need of a little pep!
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5 of 5 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Joint Saver THE BEST
Posted By: Retired Arabian (WOLVERTON, MN) Oct 23, 2009

The Best. Simply the best. I have trusted Figuerola labs products for my champion Arabians for years. This product is specifically the best for my retired show horses who now suffer from joint issues, swollen fetlocks, low fetlocks, pain in the hip joints. These were the show horses the high trotting Park and English horses that now as senior horses are having issues. After being on product for approx 3 weeks on the loading dose an improvement is VERY evident. My poor 26 Year old mare suffering from bad swollen fetlock limping prior is now back to being lunged! My sore 22 yr old NSH mare is now walking again. This stuff works...don't waste your money on others. Time and again I use these products ..Figuerola Labs products ARE what they say...if they can't fix it, it can't be fixed. I am that impressed with their products. Finally a product that works. I've used the Lamina saver and the equine saver in the past and also give them the same HIGH HIGH Rating! A++
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1 of 1 people found the following testimonial helpful.
You will not find a better product!!!
Posted By: medwind (SUMMERVILLE, SC) Mar 19, 2009

My five year old paint gelding has cartilage fragments in his pastern joints and stocks up frequently. I started him on Joint Saver, and Adequan, and what a difference! Even my farrier asked what I was doing to make his pasterns look "normal". He has always been sound, but Joint Saver has made a big difference in his movement. I have even started taking the human Joint Saver myself! I have chronic knee pain and it has completely diminished now that I have started Joint Saver. Don't waste your time looking and trying other supplements. You will not find another pharmaceutical grade supplement at this price!
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11 of 11 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Best On Market, In My Opinion
Posted By: Guenevere (Little Silver, NJ) Nov 27, 2006

This is the best on the market, in my opinion. Worth the price. My horse has signs of arthritis, and although he has always been sound, I started to notice some crackling when he walked. After being on this a little over a month, it actually went away. I am using this to avoid as much discomfort as possible when he is older. I use this with the Figueola Labs Equine Saver and wouldn’t change a thing...
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15 of 15 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Saved my horse's life
Posted By: Marie (St Augustine, FL) Jul 28, 2006

I have a beautiful Arabian mare who was diagnosed with an OCD of the stifle joint at 16 weeks of age. She underwent surgical repair of the joint, but the damage was so severe the surgeons gave her only a slight chance of being pasture sound. They told me as sound as she was in one years time was as sound as she would be permanently, and that she would develop arthritis in that joint fairly quickly. She was given injections of Adequan post-surgically, and as soon as she came home we started her on Joint Saver. We didn't hold out much hope, and really believed she would have to be put down because of chronic pain. We just couldn't stand the thought of watching her hobble around the pasture in pain for the next 20+ years. It is now close to two years since her surgery, and she is sound and has started ground training with no lameness issues. She has never had to have the joint injected and recent x-rays show NO arthritis in the joint. Now I truly believe she will go on and have a successful career in the show ring, and later as my trail companion, and most importantly live a pain-free life! I owe a great deal of her miraculous recovery to Joint Saver and will keep her on it forever!
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17 of 17 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wow! Best Joint Product I've Used!
Posted By: joharder (N FT MYERS, FL) Mar 5, 2006

I have an eight-year-old Thoroughbred rescue that has a blown out knee from being put out on the track too hard and too young. So, I've tried a number of joint supplements and injections to try to ease his discomfort, and this product has made a huge difference. Since putting him on JointSaver in January, he is now galloping in the pasture and has even become playful. I double dosed him for the first week, and then went to the normal one scoop per day. I started to see results within the first 7-10 days, and after about a month, wow! This guy has so much energy that I now need to hold him back when riding, which was never the case before. I haven't given him any injections since early January and see no need to go back to that. I will admit that Figuerola's loud advertising had previously turned me off to their products, so just focus on the product inside and the good that it will do for your horse!
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32 of 34 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Joint Saver tops others
Posted By: Mom knows best (wayland, MA) Jan 2, 2006

Valley Vet used to have a side-by-side comparison feature, which is one reason I found Joint Saver 3 years ago and chose it over all others [looks like that s/s feature doesn't exist now though]. Compared to other products JointSaver was, and still is, superior in my opinion. It's unparalleled; MSM, condroitin, glucosamine values that no one holds a candle to. Also JS is pharmaceutical grade (pure), and the mfr. ( claims has a molecular structure that ensures JS is 100% assimilated (fully absorbed), no waste. I've had three horses on this over the last 3 years and swear by it, wouldn't use another supplement. I also had a dog on it for his last (16th) year and it truly helped his mobility. My horse had Lyme, and no surprise, very sore joints as a result. Legend followed by a steady therapeutic dose of JointSaver, then a maintenance dosage has left him better than ever, and our Vet agrees. I honestly think this stuff works. You might also check out EquineSaver. The two together are great. EquineSaver is a super all-around supplement with lots of pro-biotics (essential with antibiotics treatments), anti-oxidants, etc. Flax seed/oil is a major component and has such awesome health benefits (and how your horse will shine!) ES is natural, no fillers or dyes/preservatives--which matter to me, anyway. (I almost sound like an ad, but really, I love and believe in these products.) We all want the best for our horses. And some products likely work better with certain breeds/disciplines, etc. But if you're holistically inclined, and somewhat knowledgeable about nutrition, JointSaver and EquineSaver are the only way to go. Check them out.
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24 of 26 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Joint Saver is the Best
Posted By: Nemo (ELLIOTTSBURG, PA) Dec 26, 2005

I've used numerous joint supplements since I first discovered them way back in 1987 and my vet originally said she didn't see anything in them that would help. (That tune later changed.) I started using Joint Saver a little over a year ago in my continual search for supplements that would work to the max. All my horses get Joint Saver, but on none have I seen as much an improvement as my retired Thoroughbred, Magic. At the age of 28 ('78 baby), he's had an active and tough life. Magic had 99 starts on the track and ran until he was eight, earning his living the hard way. When I bought him at the age of nine, he was my primary fox hunter till I retired him at 20. Additionally, he carried me through lessons, hunter shows, dressage clinics and cross-country events. In the last few years, it was evident, though he was on supplements and bute, that his hocks were giving him pains. He would eat with his hind legs stretched out, a sure sign his rear end was bothering him. After just three months on Joint Saver, I noticed a distinct change. I no longer had to give him bute and he seems to move freer and he stood straighter, eating at his bucket as he always had. One further note. Another of my horses with a chipped navicular bone, no longer needs bute on a regular basis and no longer has to go in pads. This supplement is so effective, I've actually found I use 3/4 of a scoop, rather than the full 1-scoop. Joint Saver really worked for me.
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37 of 41 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Miracle Supplement
Posted By: J. PIGANTIELLO (Loxahatchee, FL) Sep 29, 2005

About 1 year ago, my beautiful, talented thoroughbred jumper fractured her hind pastern. She went in for surgery where 2 screws were successfully placed in the chip and she would return to a full career. The recovery was very long and difficult. Five months after the surgery X-Rays were taken and showed that arthritis had set in and that the joint will fuse and she would no longer be able to be ridden. I was not going to let this talented jumper remain unrideable. I went online and found the joint supplement JointSaver. Since it has the highest amount of Glucosomine and Chondrotin, I figured itwould help. I've used this is conjunction with weekly shots of Adequan, and she has made an astonishing recovery. The vet looked her over and couldn't believe how incredible she looked. He said she will continue to have mobility in the joint and that it would NOT fuse. I have been working her consistantly for the past 4 months, and she continues to stay sound. I will continue to use this supplement for it is amazing. My beloved horse will return back to her career. A truly unbelievable recovery for and unbelievable horse!!
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