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EquineSaver Figuerola Labs
As low as $69.95   
2 of 3 people found the following testimonial helpful.
EquineSaver is FANTASTIC!
Posted By: J. FORBIS (DEPOE BAY, OR) Sep 7, 2012

Equine Saver is the only complete supplement, that has made a big differance in my FOX Trotter filly. She had loose stools periodically, dull coat, long hair in patches, and the vet said to give her a vitamin supplement. I tried other supplements, and I saw no differance, and her loose stools would return. She has been on Equine Saver for about 3 months, and she has changed dramaticly. Her loose stools have never come back, her hair coat literally shines, and the long hair patches have all shed off. Her eyes are bright and clear, she has more energy, and her hoofs are rock hard. And, she absolutely LOVES IT! Equine Saver has truely proven itself, and is the only supplement I use.
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3 of 3 people found the following testimonial helpful.
My horse hates powder supplements NOT ANYMORE with EquineSaver
Posted By: B. SOBOL (MYRTLE BEACH, SC) Mar 21, 2012

My horse hated powder anything no matter what the product. I've spent pleanty trying hoof, coat, total wellness, in many top rated brands all claiming the horses love them, NOT MINE. I had to turn to the pelleted suppliments but after a while he wouldn't eat them either. Now, what was I supposed to do? My horse looked terrible, his feet were falling apart, his coat was dull and dry, his mane and tail would brake as I brushed him, I had to keep looking. After reading about EquineSaver I called Valley Vet to see if I could return it if my horse wouldn't eat it. They said yes, so what did I have to lose? I ordered the 25lb container. And WOW he eats every bit of the two scoops he gets during the evening feeding. His coat became soft, silky and bright in less then a month. Every time I brush him I am amazed. He is a gray paint and everyone knows how hard it is for a white horse to shine, his shine gets brighter and brighter his hair is getting whiter and whiter his tail is becoming soft too, (without conditioners). Everyone knows that when a horse has a natural shines the hooves also improve and a horse is as healthy as he looks. ALL THANKS TO GOD, FIGUEROLA AND EQUINESAVER.
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22 of 22 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Excellent for aged equines
Posted By: Meri (FRESNO, CA) Aug 26, 2010

We have been using EquineSaver for several years but the most remarked result we have noticed is the improvement in our older stock. We have several head of teenagers and when we have given them EquineSaver there is a very obvious improvement in their coat, hooves and overall health. This supplement contains all of the ingredients one would want in a supplement. We recently bought a big mule who was underweight and had a dull coat. After getting him on a good diet and supplementing him with EquineSaver, you would not recognize him as the same animal we purchased. His coat is healthy looking, his hooves are much improved and he is full of energy. We will not use any other supplement but EquineSaver.
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30 of 30 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Most complete supplement at an affordable price!
Posted By: V. McKenzie (ROYSE CITY, TX) Oct 23, 2009

I have racing quarterhorses as well as a 24 year old stallion. Because of their high activity levels, I usually have to feed significant amounts of grain to maintain their weight. With this one supplement, all of my horses have soft, shiny coats, healthy pliable skin, strong, healthy hooves, and even my hardest keepers hold their weight better! I also run my horses barefoot (ie I don't have them shod) and yet never have hoof issues even with trailriding and barrel racing. My farrier consistently comments on the health of my horses hooves. Last, but not least, my equine vet asked me what supplement I was using when my old stallion went from hobbling around due to advanced arthritis in his knees and fetlocks, to loping and bucking like a youngster! I've used this product for over a year now and I won't let my horses go without it. Without question, this is the best supplement on the market!
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18 of 18 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Great results!
Posted By: BarbaraSJ (VALLEY MILLS, TX) May 1, 2009

We adopted two mustangs in May 2008; one had some injuries that looked like she'd rolled in barbed wire, teh long one-year old gelding had a poor coat, and both were underweight. We used EquineSaver to supplement both their diets, and now they've put on weight, their coats are shiny, and they're very contented, curious, and and engaged. We've purchased more to use with our ailing Appaloosa gelding to see if we can't help the old boy feel better. We recommend it!
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49 of 49 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Outstanding! My TW horse is as black as coal all year!
Posted By: Red October (ESTILL, SC) Oct 26, 2008

My horses are on a (soaked & drained) oats feeding program whereby I add the vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, probiotics, and soybean oil. (The oil slows the absorption of the carbs from the oats, etc.) EquineSaver has made my 3 horses look more beautiful and healthy than ever. I have especially noticed that my black Tennessee Walker is as black as coal all year long, even in the South Carolina sun! My two Warmblood bays maintain their rich blood-bay color, as well. All of them have beautiful shiny coats and none of them are hot or nervous. They are all calm, playful and loving. I also feel good knowing that they're getting all their nutrients, without the transfats, sugars and corn often included in those "complete pelleted feed formulas." That's what makes them (hypoglycemic) "hot" not the oats. I am a nutritionalist and I will continue to use EquineSaver forever because it's the best and most complete whole food supplement on the market. Figerola Labs have out done themselves with this formula!
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74 of 75 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Wonderful results with EquineSaver
Posted By: Skippy (CORTEZ, CO) Apr 19, 2007

While careing for a friend's older horses I noticed she used Equine Saver for them. They are in fabulous condition for their age and seem very happy and healthy so I ordered some and have had two of my horses on this product for the past five months. They are coming out of the winter in wonderful condition, their farrier is very pleased with their hoof condition and the older, harder keeper with navicular is acting like a much younger horse with mostly all pain free days. My other horse that has had problems with laminitis and with winter weight gain currently has no signs of hoof problems and she is in great health, keeping her weight down for the entire winter. I would recommend this product, without reservation, after seeing what a hugh difference it has made in my horses. I noticed a difference in coat condition and attitude within two weeks and could not be more pleased after five months.
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49 of 50 people found the following testimonial helpful.
My Horse LOVE'S it !!! :)
Posted By: Sherie (IRA, MI) Jan 31, 2007

This is a great supplement that has everything you'r horse needs. In my area our hay, and grains don't have some of the minerals that our horses need so we feed Equine Saver to make sure our horses get all the nutrients and vitamins they need. I have had my horse on it for a month and you can tell a difference! His coat is bright, his hoofs are growing out stronger, and he has a different brightness in his eye that tells me that he feels great! Also he loves it! He is the most picky eater you will ever meet, and with this supplement he makes sure all his food is gone!
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47 of 48 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Cant Live Without It...
Posted By: Guenevere (Little Silver, NJ) Nov 27, 2006

I love this and wont use anything else now. My horses coat, hooves, and general health has noticeably improved. Additionally, it is the only multi purpose supplement that I could find anywhere that contained everything I needed. A+
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48 of 51 people found the following testimonial helpful.
Posted By: Kristi (DILLON, MT) May 21, 2006

One of the best equine Supplements on the market. My horses love it. Shiny coats, hoofs and great for hard keepers. No more gastric problems etc.
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