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FAQ Brookside Easyboot Trail Horse Boots

1. What does this horse boot help with?

The Brookside Easyboot Trail Horse Boot was made to help with support and relief for your horses when they are barefoot on the trails or during other pleasure-riding excursions. This boot will help to alleviate pressure and pain during riding, as well as provide therapeutic support when your horse is on the mend. It will also reduce the load on peripheral hoof walls and distribute weight across the entire sole area to avoid creating pain points.

2. How do I measure my horse's hoof to find the right hoof boot size?

For this horse boot, you will want to measure your horse's hoof in both width and length to find the best fit. To measure hoof width, measure across the widest part of your horse's hoof, after a fresh trim. To measure the length, measure from the toe to the buttress line, excluding the heel bulbs. Once you have those measurements, refer to the size guide and order the right size boot for your horse.

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