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Horse Dewormers

Internal parasites can steal nutrition, energy and good health from your horse, even impairing growth and performance. Regular traditional horse deworming, using a rotational horse deworming schedule, can lay the foundation for good horse health. Consider our standard and premium one-year horse wormer packs to provide year-long rotational horse wormers, with a dosage chart reminding you which month to use each dose. One of the most effective practices in eliminating a horse's existing worm burden is the use of a 5-day Safe-Guard Power-Dose or Panacur PowerPac horse wormer. These 5-day horse deworming treatments are the only FDA approved method for treating all stages of encysted small strongyles, which can represent up to 90% of your horse's worm burden. When internal parasites are controlled, your horse can look and feel his shiniest, healthiest best.

A newer, comprehensive approach advocated by parasitologists can be found at, “AAEP Parasite Control Guidelines”.




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