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OB Equipment




Equip yourself with high-quality medical supplies for OB procedures on cattle when you shop Valley Vet?s collection. In our collection, you?ll find items from pre-pregnancy monitoring tools and mid-procedure supplies to newborn calf care equipment.

To make the birthing process as stress-free as possible, we offer a Calf Birthing Kit. This comprehensive kit enables you to quickly assist with births and avoid serious complications.

In case of a medical emergency post-birth, the Calf Resuscitator with a rescue mask can be used as a constant delivery resuscitator. This will inflate the lungs of the newborn calf that has a heartbeat but is unable to breathe on its own. The valves on both ends do all of the work while the attached aspirator mask draws out fluid or mucus that may be blocking the airway. Once you?ve cleared the blockage, the mask can be removed and the resuscitator mask is then attached to the pump. Its bi-directional valve design allows the animal to exhale without the need to remove the unit while pumping fresh air into the lungs.

Browse our full selection of cattle OB supplies to fill your medical toolkit!

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