Lifeline Agewell for Horses Age 10+

by APC

Lifeline Agewell for Horses Age 10+ is formulated to help mature horses remain active and robust. Contains BioThrive, a unique mixture of bioactive proteins to enhance peak condition and ease the negative effects of stress in aging performance horses. Multi-system support helps maintain gut health, inflammatory response, respiratory function, immune response, and joint mobility. The daily dose of bioactive proteins will help your horse feel its best when conditions are normal. When soreness or stress interrupt your horse's routine, Lifeline Equine Agewell helps maintain healthy immune and inflammatory responses so your horse can feel better faster. Feed 1 scoop twice daily. Pellets.

Item: 33159 Size: 7.1 lb (14 days) $49.99 Shipping: 8 lbs
Item: 33160 Size: 15.2 lb (30 days) $99.99 Shipping: 17 lbs


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