Moody Mare

by Wendals Herbs

Mares are well known for their occasional moods and behavioral problems which are often related to the estrus cycle. This special blend of 100% natural, premium herbs was selected to help mares relieve tension and overcome PMT (PMS) blues. Also ideal for senior horses. Contains alfalfa, basil, chamomile, dandelion, goldenrod, marigold, rosemary and vervain. Not for pregnant mares. Feed 2-3 scoops daily. 2.2 lbs. lasts about 28 days. Coarse ground herbs.

Item: 36078 Size: 2.2 lb $47.69 Shipping: 3 lbs
Item: 36079 Size: 5.5 lb $108.95 Shipping: 6 lbs


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