Tea-Clenz Anti-Microbial Concentrate

by Healing Tree

Tea-Clenz is an anti-fungal and anti-microbial concentrate for horses. Tea-Clenz can be used for ringworm, rain scald, rain rot, sweet itch, and girth itch and other equine skin conditions. Mix 2 oz. Tea-Clenz with 2 gallons of warm, clean water. Do not use any other shampoo or bathe the horse with any other product prior to Tea-Clenz. Thoroughly wet the horse with Tea-Clenz solution, saturating the entire body or just the affected areas. Remove excess with a scraper or sponge. Do not rinse. Repeat treatment daily for 3 days. Can be used for a longer period of time for stubborn cases. Can be used on saddle pads, blankets, and brushes to control fungus.

Item: 34094 Size: 16 oz $17.99 3 @ $16.99


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