Viper Calf Rope

by Rattler Ropes
  • Viper Calf Rope Item # 12978

What happens when five strands of low stretch poly fibers are woven around a solid braided core? You get a rope with speed and snap as quick as a viper’s strike, but with more consistency and less stretch than any calf rope on the market today. With the feel of your favorite poly-grass and the strength and stability that only core-tech can give, you won’t break this rope. And like a viper, it’s the same every time……DEADLY ACCURATE!

Please note: Due to a fire at the manufacturing plant, once our rope stock is depleted, they will be on backorder until further notice. Call for availability update and specific info.

Item: 12978 ** Size: 28' $35.95 3 @ $34.95
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