Command Electro-Hydrate Paste

by Brookside Supplements

Scientifically balanced for the proportion of electrolytes lost in your horse’s sweat. Ensures proper electrolyte balance and rehydration during transportation, strenuous activity and competition. Feeding sugar slows electrolyte absorption by slowing stomach emptying into the gut where electrolytes are absorbed. Command Electro-Hydrate is completely sugar-free so less can be fed and more can be absorbed. Administer one serving directly from syringe onto back of horse’s tongue before and after exercise. Especially well formulated for endurance horses: contains no bicarbonate, has adequate potassium, and is free of sugar. Plus, this salt-based electrolyte encourages the horse to drink water. Administer one serving of Command Electro-Hydrate paste at each vet-check stop.

Item: 33555 Size: 35 ml (1 dose) $7.95