Corta-Gen Solution

by Corta Flx

Corta-Gen Solution combines the Corta-Flx formulation with a powerhouse of blood-building, performance-enhancing ingredients. The easily assimilated formula can fuel your horse with red blood cells for improved energy, strength and stamina. Corta-Gen Solution is homogenized for consistency. Highly palatable yucca flavor. Each 2 oz. serving contains 600 mg chelated iron, 50 mg hyaluronic acid, plus vitamin B-complex, vitamin B-12, selenium and folic acid. For horses in training or competition, feed 2 oz. daily. May feed 4 oz. daily for 3 days pre-race. Feed 1 oz. daily for maintenance.

Item: 22381 Size: Gallon (64 - 128 days) $61.95 $49.95 Shipping: 10 lbs