Ration Plus Feed Supplement for Horses

by S E Monroe

Restores the digestive system to proper balance. Supplies Lactobacillus acidophilus, a natural prebiotic, to the digestive system where it provides vital nutrients to the beneficial bacteria found there. This helps to establish a healthy balance of digestive microflora. As balance is restored, your horse can better utilize his feed, leading to a multitude of health benefits, including weight gain, reduction of stomach upsets and diarrhea, reduction of low-grade ulcers and colic, reduction of "hay belly", increased stamina and improved hoof, skin and coat quality. Each bottle is approximately an 80 day supply.

Item: 22066 Size: 16 oz (80 days) $29.95 2 @ $26.95
Item: 39239 Size: 2 x 16 oz (160 days) $53.90
Item: 39853 Size: 3 x 16 oz (240 days) $79.90 Shipping: FREE


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