Nylabone DuraChew Dog Chews

by Nylabone

DuraChew fights boredom and helps clean teeth!

Nylabone is the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years! Nylabone DuraChew (original Nylabone) is a long lasting chew designed for powerful chewers. Be sure to select the right chew and size for your dog's chewing style. Different dogs have different chewing styles, even within the same breed - one may be a strong chewer and another more gentle, preferring a softer chew. Bristles raised during chewing help clean teeth and the cleaning action helps control plaque and tartar build up. Nylabone is not consumable, but small shavings (no longer than a grain of rice) should pass through. Replace when knuckles are word down. If dissatisfied, return product with receipt to Nylabone for refund or replacement. Please read enclosed Guidelines for Use before using.

Item: 23921 Color/Style: Chicken Size: Regular (4 1/2") $2.99
Item: 23921 Color/Style: Hambone Size: Regular (4 1/2") $2.99
Item: 23922 Color/Style: Chicken Size: Wolf (5 1/2") $4.95
Item: 23922 Color/Style: Hambone Size: Wolf (5 1/2") $4.95
Item: 23922 Color/Style: Liver Size: Wolf (5 1/2") $4.95
Item: 23923 Color/Style: Chicken Size: Giant (7 3/4") $7.29
Item: 23923 Color/Style: Hambone Size: Giant (7 3/4") $7.29
Item: 23924 Color/Style: Chicken Size: Souper (8") $9.29


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